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Look – What Arrived Yesterday

During Illamasqua‘s recent free international shipping promotion, I ordered a few items. I placed my order on 20th, despatched on 21st and arrived yesterday, 28th. As always, fast shipping and all my items reached me in perfect condition. Several items I wanted were out-of-stock the night I ordered, I guess I would have to make another purchase again soon.

So, let’s take a look at what I got myself this time.

The Skin Base Foundation. I finally decided to get one – I had my colour matched in Sydney a few months ago and double checked my shade again with Illamasqua’s comprehensive comparison chart here. I am quite positive that I am a Nº 9 for those with a yellow undertone. I got a Pressed Powder to match as well and the shade I went for is Nº 135 for those with light skin with golden undertone.

Size of the Skin Base Foundation is identical to their Satin and Matte Primers. Size of the Pressed Powder is the same as their 4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette, it also comes with a powder sponge.

Along with the face products, I picked up 4 more Nail Varnishes in Spartan (gold glitter), Harsh (silver glitter), Untold (red glitter) and Throb (blood-red). With these 4 bottles, I have finally completed my nail wheel of Illamasqua Nail Varnishes.

Throb is fabulous. Creamy, opaque – a possible one-coater if you are in a hurry. The glitter shades are beautiful and dazzling too but you need 3 coats for some full-on bling (3 coats in picture above) – might not be a bad thing, depends on how you wear it. One coat is sheer but you get an even spread of glitter, ideal for layering over other colours, you get more attention with two coats and full opacity with 3 coats.

I also managed to grab their new pair of False Eyelashes in Weimar which was previously sold out. I thought some of my falsies are big, this is huge and I think there are going to touch my brows.

A closer look at Weimar. Comes with a layer of criss-cross black lashes combined with a set of straight, long, brown and red lashes. They are very soft but I have no idea how it will look on the eyes.

And lastly, I picked up three Powder Blushers in Tweak (deep hot pink), Hussy (bright candy pink) and Excite (vivid apricot).

Illamasqua blushers are very pigmented. In most cases, a gently tab picks up sufficient product and colour for both cheeks. Their rich colour payoff definitely put them on top of the list. They also have a spectacular wardrobe of colours with some very unique shades. Am looking forward to try their new shimmer blush, Ambition is back in stock but not Morale – when will both be in stock at the same time so I can purchase them together?

To conclude this entry, my order came with a sample of Freak. I was super excited and surprised, I never thought I would be able to smell it, at least not any time soon. For those interested in this new scent, Illamasqua confirmed that due to international delivery restrictions they are unable to ship Freak to Singapore.

Did you pick up anything from Illamasqua recently? Have you tried their Skin Base Foundation, if yes, what are your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “Look – What Arrived Yesterday

  1. Wow, that’s a wonderful haul. I only own one thing from Illamasqua and that’s a Pure Pigment. I plan to get more but haven’t gotten around to it. Strangely the Sephora branch I visited last month did not have Illamasqua either. Those blushes look awesome. I love bright coloured, highly pigmented blushes.

    Looking forward to your review of the Skin Base foundation…but no pressure 🙂 Enjoy your goodies hun!

  2. Great buy! I love their Skinbase Foundation. Gives off a dewy look. Ambition is a wonderful shade. Quite a friendly shade I would say. But somehow I find it quite drying though. Not that I am complaining, coz my cheeks tend to get a little oily after 4 hours. And with MAC, my cheek would shine then become patchy after around 6 hours. But with Ambition, it last me more than 8 hours.

    You should actually purchase both from! Free shipping too! I got mine when they had their 20% discount and it only took them a week to reach me! Wish they had Tweak though, that’s the one I have been lusting after.

    • Hi Ahwish,
      I wanted to order from ASOS too but I have 10% off Illamasqua directly and I have heard ASOS don’t provide bubble wrapping?
      Tweak is a beautiful and very bright!!

  3. They do bubble wrapping actually. And their bubble wrap is like a mini balloon. Pretty thick. They don’t bubble wrap for each individual item (if that’s what you mean), they just packed all together and bubble wrap them.

    Please do a review on the Skinbase Foundation =)

    • Thank you for the information =)
      Might try ordering from ASOS then because I checked, they have both in stock!!
      I will come around reviewing the foundation but I can’t promise when, so sorry..

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