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Strange Beautiful Nail Polishes

Hello everybody, I would like to introduce you a new nail polish brand that has made their way to sunny Singapore. Some of you might have heard or seen them before on blogs and magazines. They are STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™. Let’s start with a little introduction extracted from their website.

STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ is created by Jane Schub who was a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and had a distinguished career as an illustrator before turning her hand to cosmetics.

With this carefully edited and richly perverse library of colors I have drawn inspiration ranging from the Ettore Sottsass Red Valentine typewriter to Josef Albers color theory. Willful and provocative, vibrant, eccentric and ornamental my intent has been to develop a new creative approach to nail color and position STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ more as an accessory for your hand than just another nail polish.

STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ nail colours are said to be stunningly provocative but wearable. They blend the best elements of beauty, science, and design. Every polish has been developed and evaluated with an artist’s eye producing hues that are deeply and richly saturated throughout. The elegant, efficient packaging has been designed with the customer in mind. Six steel ball bearings ensure that each intensely pigmented saturated color of STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ nail polish is evenly dispersed throughout and consistently creamy. A 220 strand brush guarantees an effortless, even application every time.

And their nail polishes are a 3 FREE product, completely free of Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) .

Color is understood through experience, color can be deceiving and is constantly changing, when you look at a color you don’t see that color by itself, it is interacting with its surroundings, I designed STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ Library of Color to be housed together and interchangeable within the box so one can see that each color will look slightly different depending on the order of the colors.

STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ colors are deliberately nameless.

I find it thought provoking and stimulating to remember and refer to each color by its reference or inspiration.

You can learn more about each of their collections (aka Vol 1, 2 and 3) here.

Here is what I got, [Vol 3] Hemorrhage 2nd Day – deep cream eggplant, [Vol 2] Maille – cream mustard, [Vol 3] Sean Scully – cream burnt orange and [Vol 3] Pigeon Belly – cream cool tone grey.

STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ nail polishes can be found at Beauty Emporium, House at Dempsey (where Strip is located at, far left from the entrance). The nail polishes doesn’t come with any labels, no shade names and no brand printed on them – which I find extremely inconvenient to refer to. Imagine I have 20 of them and colours which are similar. The shade names I got were provided by the SA.

Interesting fact is, Strip sells them individually. Most of the online stores sells them as a library (collection of 10 colours in an acrylic casing).

The texture of these nail polishes are extremely smooth and creamy. They don’t streak and applies very evenly. The colour payoff is excellent as well – 2 coats for full opacity and coverage but while I was at Strip trying the colours, there are a few sheerer ones. The ones I picked are pretty opaque. The consistency is not too watery and not too thick – I would describe it as the ideal flow.

If I were to do a blind test based on the four I have, I would think the STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ nail polishes come close to those of Dior, MECCA and Illamasqua.

However, the price range in Singapore completely blew me away from these amazing nail polishes. The prices are insane and I must be absolutely crazy to even buy them but I was with a great friend, having so much fun choosing the colours. The process of having her choose the colours for me kind of made me felt better? Each bottle adds up to approximately S$37 including GST.

Wearability. I have yet to come up with a solid conclusion about it. On some days, it lasts longer. I would have to get back to you when I have tested them longer.

Bottom line. If you have a unique taste in some more unconventional colours, STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ nail polishes will probably have what you are looking for. If you can purchase them at a cheaper price, by all means, try them. If not, you have nothing to lose. They are fantastic but not for the price of S$37 in my opinion.

So, did I regret buying them? No, it’s parts and parcel of being a beauty enthusiast but I wished I did a little more research and looked into the pricing carefully before purchasing. Now that I have bought them and tried them, I am able to tell you my experiences, thoughts and share some awesome swatches on this blog.

Lesson learnt, shop smart until the next splurge.

Thank you for reading.

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