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The First ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Studio In Singapore

October this year marks the launch of the first ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Studio in Singapore, located at Specialist Eyecare Centre, Great World City.

Before showing you around the studio, I would like to share results of a brand new poll that uncovered some interesting findings of Singapore women in their career, personal and social lives. In addition, based on these findings, an A-team of experts has put together a special e-guide that will equip women to succeed in these very areas – especially apt since we are approaching a new year.

A NEW POLL REVEALS… majority of women in Singapore feel unprepared for pivotal moments in their careers and personal lives, and believed they needed more mental and/ or physical preparations for their significant moments.  Be it achieving their next promotion or improving their people skills at social events, Singapore women know what they want but seem not quite equipped to get where they want.  Interestingly, a good proportion of women also saw the need for beauty products that could enhance their physical appearance, to give them the extra edge to stand out at social events.

THE FINDINGS ARE SIGNIFICANT BECAUSE… women believe they lack the ‘extra edge’ needed to succeed, and shows many Singapore women in need of assistance to make them look, feel and be their best for their significant moments. Based on these insights and situations highlighted through the poll, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC) identified an amazing team of experts to launch its first-ever electronic guide titled, “The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Getting the Extra Edge” to prepare women for future pivotal moments.

THE EXPERT E-GUIDE… is a collaboration between JJVC and renowned Creative Director and Fashion Show Producer, Mr. Daniel Boey, one of the most highly sought fashion stylists in the region, former “Miss Singapore World 1999” turned image consultant, Ms. Audrey Quek, and certified life coach, Ms. Julia Ng, whose coaching has helped men and women attain excellence leading to promotions and 400 percent growth in earnings. Women will be provided with indispensable tips that will give them the extra ‘touch’ that is essential for them to prepare for, and succeed in their pivotal life moments. An added ‘touch’ of beauty, elegance or professionalism, for instance, can boost their confidence and help them look and feel their best.

The e-guide is available HERE if you are interested in a copy.

In October, I met up with Shwu Ji, Manager and Optometrist of Specialist Eyecare Centre, Great World City for an eye consultation and lens fitting. I also took this opportunity to learn more about contact lenses. The store is huge, filled with over thousands of frame designs from various brands and there it was, the brightly lit ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Studio.

The ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Studio is spacious yet cosy. I felt very comfortable getting my consultation done there, it feels very intimate and personalized. Even when rest of the shop is crowded, I am in the studio having a one-to-one session with a professional. There is a small basin at the side for washing our hands prior to trying out the contact lenses. The bright lightings really helped when it comes to choosing a pair of coloured lenses. I was able to see most of the details on the lenses.

Shwu Ji is very professional, friendly and patient. She started by checking my eye power in the other room. I am slightly short-sighted and have astigmatism. I had them since primary school but wearing spectacles is a no-no for me. The last time I had my eyes checked was at least 2 to 3 years ago and so much have changed. The machines are more high-tech and much faster now.

After the eye check, Shwu Ji introduced 1•Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ to me. As mentioned in my previous post, I have been wearing them for a few years but I didn’t go through this process when I bought the lenses back then. I simply walked into the shop and picked up a few boxes. It was Shwu Ji who made me realised wearing contact lenses is not about walking into a shop and picking a few boxes up. It involves eye health, lifestyle, eye check and fitting amongst all things. She started by asking what sort of image I would like to pursue and I told her my preferences.

Of course, I picked Natural Shine. I put on a pair and after about 5 minutes, Shwu Ji brought me for an eye check again. This time, she is checking if the lenses fit me well, is it rubbing or causing any irritation. Although I have been wearing this brand of lenses for so long, I never knew if it fitted me well until Shwu Ji checked and said “yes”. It was quite an instant relieve.


Here are a few tips Shwu Ji shared which I would like to share them with you too.

  • Women who wear makeup may contaminate their contact lenses with the oils, residues and possible bacteria found in cosmetics. To minimize contamination, always use a good lens solution to thoroughly clean your disposable contact lenses.
  • Insert contact lenses before applying makeup and take them out prior to removing makeup. Always wash your hands before touching your contact lenses.
  • Apply makeup or eye creams with a light hand and not too close to the eye.
  • Buy fresh eye makeup products every three to four months.
  • Regularly clean your brushes and sponges to remove germs and bacteria.
  • Cosmetics such as lash building or thickening mascara and metallic-sheen eye shadows contain particles that can flake into the eye. If these particles get between the contact lens and cornea surface, they can become an irritant.
  • It is not recommended for one to wear eye cosmetics prior to a contact lens fitting examination.
  • There is a misconception among contact lens wearers that they can go to a store and ‘pick up’ a pair of cosmetic contact lenses off the shelf simply by knowing their eye degree. Essentially, all contact lens wearers must remember that eye checks are important aspects of ensuring proper fit even if they have been contact lens wearers for many years. All of our eye conditions and/or degree oftentimes vary over time.
  • Only an eye care professional can properly access your need for vision correction as well as determine the size and type of contact lens that best suit you in terms of lifestyle and eye health needs. The professional consultation as well as a thorough eye examination can be provided by a qualified optometrist. Colored Contact lenses are still contact lenses so should be prescribed a qualified optometrist.
  • It is very important to choose contact lenses from a reputable manufacturer. This is because reputable manufacturers heavily invest in R&D to ensure that their lenses are not only safe but comfortable.


All in all, I had a wonderful experience at the ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Studio. It’s totally unique that a contact lens consultation space is designed like a makeup studio or walk-in wardrobe if you like. This newly transformed space brings a refreshing alternative to a lens trial experience. The studio has also incorporated a touch screen interactive panel which allows for virtual trials. You will have the opportunity to “try on” the different 1•Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ series of beauty enhancement contact lenses virtually and see how you look.

Many thanks to Specialist Eyecare Centre at Great World City, women can now enjoy new levels of eye health, comfort, freedom and new beauty possibilities. Remember, real beauty isn’t just when you look your best but when you feel your best.

Thank you for reading, I hope this post has been helping and has brought awareness of eye health to you, your family and your friends.

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