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Merry, Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!

This year’s Christmas is filled with delicious food and thoughtful gifts. To me, Christmas is a season for feasting, giving and gathering because nowadays, everyone is busy with their own life and work, sometimes, it’s harder to meet up. Being able to share this joyous occasion with my family, friends and love ones is already a gift.

Mak surprised me with a Christmas Tree when I returned from Switzerland. The tree lights up and it’s really beautiful. Until last night, it was filled with gifts – we certainly didn’t wait until Boxing Day this year to unwrap.

Last week, Eleanor invited us to her home for an absolutely mouth-watering pre-Christmas dinner. She spent the entire day in the kitchen preparing every dish for us. From Salad, Prune Pie, Beef Onion Soup to Turkey. Eleanor is a great chef and she thought me how to bake Spiced Banana Walnut Muffins earlier this year. You can find the recipe here.

Below are some photos taken during the dinner at Eleanor’s.

And last night, we went for our yearly Christmas Eve dinner at District 10. We love the location and ambient of the place. Very layback setting and remember to request for outdoor seating if you plan to dine at District 10 in the future – it’s beautiful, especially during this time of the year, with all the lightings. We had the best outdoor corner table next to an open area for little niece to run around.

We had quite a few dishes from their Christmas Menu. The Pumpkin Soup is a must-try to me, it’s absolutely heaven. Rest of the items were good and the serving is generous – definitely possible for sharing between two girlfriends. You must save some space for the dessert.


Must try their Bitter Chocolate Tart – it’s fabulous. Warm Apple Crumble is delicious too for the cold and wet weather we are experiencing at the moment.

Last but not least, I would like to share the makeup I had on for the dinner. I didn’t have time to take photos before I left the house at 5:30pm, the two pictures below were taken when I got home, about 7 hours later. I only re-applied my lipstick, no touch ups of makeup and I only blot once.

I wore Chanel Perfection Lumiere and I am super impressed with its wearability. It gives the most perfect finish even after 5 hours of being outdoors (in the night, slightly chilly but without air-con). It feels light and the coverage is medium. I am loving it. I am currently still trying out the formula, would you like to have it reviewed?

I used my Inglot eyeshadow palette for the set of neutral eyes. Added some false eyelashes and Bobbi Brown’s gold liquid eyeliner (I think this is limited edition) along the inner 2/3 of my lower lash line for that extra festive kick. I am using Lunasol Modeling Cheeks in EX03 Coral Pink Red from their Holiday collection. The blush is beautiful and natural but I noticed slight fading after the 4th hour on several occasions. Lipstick from Burberry – No.11 Antique Rose.

Nail colour by SpaRitual – Knowledge (it’s part of their In Pink 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness Collection) and dress from Love, Bonito.

That’s it. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas wherever you are or whoever you are with during this day. I had a wonderful time during this festive period – filled with dinners with various group of friends. Thank you everyone who wished me Merry Christmas and the lovely gifts. And thank you for reading.

Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

20 thoughts on “Merry, Merry Christmas

    • Thanks Jasmine, delicious meals = gaining weight but let’s worry about diet after the new year =)
      I think Perfection Lumiere is perfect for Singapore’s weather, seriously!!
      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, have a blast..

  1. “Merry Christmas” Joey and “Thank You” for sharing this delightful Christmas dinner You enjoyed with Your friends and
    Your cute little niece : ) Everything looks delicious – especially the “Pumpkin Soup” – which the Aussies also make very well – hopefully You’ve had some on Your travels there . . . Your pretty face also continues to look lovely, even after You’ve been out for a night – as always Your radiance glows ! “Best Wishes” for the NEW YEAR 2012 ! Cheers, Robert

  2. Hi Joey! Please do a review, would love to see how long it lasts during a normal humid day.
    The Lunasol Modeling Cheeks in EX03 Coral Pink Red looks really natural on you 🙂

  3. Hai Joey,
    I want to ask whether the chanel perfection lumiere available in singapore? because early april I’m going to singapore and planning to buy chanel foundation, but I see on the website only chanel le blanc avail on sg.
    And which do you think is better le blanc or perfection lumiere? previously I have tried vitalumiere aqua, that’s looking good for me, so now I want to try an even better.

    • Hi Konstantin,
      Chanel Perfection Lumiere is not available in Singapore yet, according to the BA, this foundation will launch around May =(
      I don’t have Le Blanc foundation so I can’t compare but I would love to purchase Le Blanc to try!!
      Vitalumiere Aqua is more hydrating compared to Perfection Lumiere and the finish is absolutely different between the two..
      VA has a very natural, luminous sheen whereas PL has a matte, almost 2nd skin like appearance..
      If you are living in a cooler country, you may even skip setting PL!!
      From my experience, PL is great for oily/combination skin types but if you have dry, flaky skin, PL only enhances the flaw unless you moisturize your skin very well prior to applying!!
      I hope I helped =)

  4. Thanks Joy for your info.
    For sure I’ve oily skin. I’m from indonesia, the weather is hot almost every day :'(. What do you think about chanel mat/pro lumiere? Which do you think is better for my oily skin. Coz I think, I’ll choose mat/pro lumiere. Both of them has semi matte too right?

    • Same here, hot everyday except it has been quite cloudy for the past week (NOT good, I have no sun for my product shoots)..
      I don’t have Pro Lumiere but apparently, Perfection Lumiere is taking over Pro Lumiere which means, Pro Lumiere is likely to be discontinuing soon..
      Mat Lumiere has a medium to full coverage and when paired with Purete Mat Shine Control Powder, they last pretty well – say, 8 hours?
      You might want to check out Pixiwoo’s Guide To Chanel Foundations for a more details >>

      Good day Konstantin xx

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