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Welcome To Zürich

After Interlaken, we will be spending the next few days in Zürich before flying back home. Weather here is a lot less cold and brighter which is such good news. Once we checked into the hotel, we left for lunch and walked around the city. Zürich is beautiful and there are so many things to look at.

Hope you enjoy the pictures in this post.

We had lunch at one of the nearby café. So far, food we ordered have been really delicious.

Streets across the river consists of boutiques selling all kinds of things. I love the streets and each and every shops’ signage looks really attractive to me. Could be my excitement, I couldn’t stop snapping pictures.

We ended up spending the most time at the flea market. All the stalls are very nicely decorated and it really feels like Christmas, although when I was there, Christmas is still weeks to go. I was craving for some street side food as I have not seen many around. Finally found, we queued up for some Banana Chocolate Crepe and Maroni – which is what we call Roasted Water Chestnuts? They are so delicious.

And finally, Jelmoli.

I believe Jelmoli is something like TANGS and Isetan in Singapore. A huge department store which houses everything. I spent the next hour at you know where. You can find most mainstream brands like Burberry, Chanel, Estée Lauder, YSL, Clarins and Dior. I compared a few prices of items I know of and they are more expensive than Singapore.

On our way back to the hotel, we accidentally discovered an open playhouse with merry-go-round, a massive Christmas Tree and lots of Christmas decorations. It feels so lively and romantic.

Zürich is beyond beautiful, I love everything about this city – from shopping, eating to just walking on the streets.

Thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “Welcome To Zürich

  1. Everything looks so beautiful and wonderful. I suppose it’s safe to walk around at night in Switzerland. Do the street vendors pester the passers-by to come and purchase or are they polite and let you come to them if you wish? It has always seemed to me that life in Europe is less of a hassle than in the US. People may have smaller homes/apartments and fewer possessions but they have such beautiful cities and things to do for children. It seems like lots of people stroll after dinner ( I know they do in Italy) without fear of being mugged or stabbed. Americans just hop in their cars, lock the doors and go home.

    • Hi Mimi,
      We didn’t walk around at night, usually we are back to our hotel rooms by 10pm because all the shops are closed by then.
      Nope, the street vendors don’t pester, not all are friendly but you tell them what you want and they will wrap them for you.
      I guess there is always a black sheep everywhere we go.
      When I was in the UK, I never take the underpass at night and my friend got robbed in broad daylight!!

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