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Introducing Shu Uemura Celestial Garden Makeup Collection For Spring 2012

Shu Uemura Celestial Garden Makeup Collection For Spring 2012

Imagine a celestial garden in the sky, a radiant oasis above the clouds, a bloom with positive energy, fantastical colors and pristine light. Open your senses, allow yourself to fly away to this dazzling habitat, take in the sublime vistas that surround you through new eyes. Discover the unseen precious colors and breathtaking luminescence that exist in the air, scent and sound surrounding you.

Shu Uemura

For the Spring/Summer 2012 mode makeup collection, Shu Uemura invites you to a universe of never before seen spring shades and reflections. A stunning celestial garden.

Let’s take a look at what Shu Uemura Celestial Garden Makeup Collection For Spring 2012 has to offer;-

Eyeshadow Trio S$65 (Limited Edition)
Open your eyes to the invisible spectrum of color and celestial glow that surrounds you. Limited edition refillable empty palette with the enchantment of the celestial garden universe. Enjoy three exquisite eyeshadow trio sets in spring celestial shades, take a breath of fresh air, feel the embrace of warm sunlight, savor the scent of blooming flowers. Delicate graphics decorate packaging, as if the eye shades are delicately peeking through a sky of clouds.

  • Air
    Fly above the clouds and softly back to earth with this trio of shimmery sky blue, faded sunset lavender and gentle earthy brown.
  • Light
    Gentle reflections of warm sunlight on trembling leaves of twinkling lime green, delicate yellow and light bronze brown.
  • Scent
    Blooming flowers in unseen colors, a floral pink, sherbet orange and dark brown.

Creamy Dome Cheek S$39 (Limited Edition)
New creamy dome blusher adds a gentle color to cheeks. Blushing hues glide naturally onto cheeks in a sweeping gesture with this new dome shape design. Two celestial shades in a silky cream texture perfectly contour cheeks for an effortless professional makeup finish.

  • Fairy Pink
    A delightful bright pink that will make your heart flutter into the heavens.
  • Sunlight Peach
    Glow with delight when you wear this lighthearted orange-pink.

Eye Crayon S$34 (Limited Edition)
A double-ended eye crayon to draw fine lines and moody shadow on eyes. A smooth texture, double sided brown crayon that is the perfect compliment to the eyeshadow trios. Use as an eyeliner to define eyes or for shading by creating gentle gradation with fingers, as if you are blurring the border between the earth and sky.
  • Misty Brown
    A lustrous, gray infused light brown for shimmery definition or smoky blending for divine iridescence.
  • Earth Brown
    Create ethereal shadows or lines with this rich, burnt brown.

Ultimate Natural Mascara S$50 (Limited Edition)
Add a subtle nuance to lashes with extremely natural, precise and clean finish mascara. This ultra natural mascara enhances the natural definition of individual lashes and the powerful curl holding ability lasts all day. The subtle reflection of this limited edition, deep brown mascara makes it the perfect partner for mode makeup false eyelashes and shadows, as if your bare lashes are tinted by gentle sunlight.

  • Dark Brown

Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine S$40
Discover and explore your beauty expression with the bright, beautiful, fertile colors. Experience dewy shine with high fidelity color supported by Shu Uemura’s signature hybrid pigment technology. Available in 3 vernal shades that smoothly and softly tint lips in moisture-rich comfort.

  • PK 337
  • PK 340
  • BG 957

Gloss Unlimited S$39
A fountain of lustrous lip gloss to reflect the unseen colors of life. A gloss unlimited collection in 2 special edition shades. Apply onto bare lips for a natural glossy effect or layer on Rouge Unlimited to create a multitude of new, ethereal shades.

  • Blooming Pink
    An innocent pink hue that blooms with positive energy.
  • Corona Orange
    Lips shimmer sublimely with this lustrous orange-pink gloss.

Angel Wink False Eyelashes S$41 (Limited Edition)
Angels wink you a welcome into their celestial garden. Ultra-light and delicate eyelashes with intricate hologram cellophane gently rest on top of hairs. The lashes reflect and refract the light to opening your eyes to a beauty beyond your imagination. Possibilities abound-these can be used on both lower and upper lashes. Lashes come in an enchanting case decorated with a garden of otherworldly floral delight.

Celestial Garden
Makeup by Kakuyasu Uchiide

Vibrant & Active
“Embraced by the soothing light, you will shine more than ever.”

Tender & Sweet
“Pleasant scents of spring evoke happy memories, leaving you refreshed with lingering beauty.”

Soft & Airy
“In the celestial garden, even invisible air will pleasantly blushes with color.”


The Shu Uemura Celestial Garden Makeup Collection For Spring 2012 will launch in Jan 2012 at all Shu Uemura counters island-wide.


Spotted anything that strikes your interest from this collection? The eyeshadow shades, blusher, lipstick and false eyelashes caught my attention immediately. And the fact that the false eyelashes can be used on both lower and upper lashes has sparked my curiosity.

Take a peek at the actual products and two makeup looks here. More pictures of the products on Icyabstract here (including swatches).

Information and images extracted from press kit provided by Shu Uemura

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