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What’s My Daily Dose?


Skin Inc’s award-winning serums contain active ingredients that are kept fresh and “on call” inside skin-nurturing, moisture-rich kelp capsules. Using patented technology from Japan, the seaweed capsule carries and protects three or more active ingredients from harmful UV rays and oxidation, releasing its contents to the skin cells only upon application.

A visually distinctive product that’s gentle on the skin, the serums are suspended in a clear water-based solution that leaves no sticky feeling, keeping in line with their o% scent, o% paraben, 100% fuss-free concept. The capsules maintain an even distribution within the serum ensuring you always receive the optimum concentration of nutrients.

Skin Inc

Skin Inc kindly prescribed a bottle of “My Daily Dose” for me during my visit to their concept store at Marina Bay Link Mall in October. Before continuing, you might want to take a minute to read the introductory post about Skin Inc – this might help you understand their concept behind the serums a little more.

My Daily Dose” is a bottle of personalized serum containing the ingredients which are essential to one’s concern, ingredients that can improve and enhance one’s complexion. I took a simple survey to discover my skin’s identity and the system generated the following options.

You can discover your skin identity here.

From the options above, it is clear that the essential concern of my skin is REPLENISH Hyaluronic Acid Serum which is meant for dehydrated skin. To improve and enhance my complexion, I had more options. With the help of the SA, I picked REVITALISE Placenta Serum for pigmentation, freckles and dullness and REBORN Collagen Serum for wrinkles, lines and ageing skin.

All in all, “My Daily Dose” should help keep my skin supple, takes away my dullness and help in anti-ageing.

I have finished the entire bottle of serum and I would like to share my thoughts with you.

Things I Like About “My Daily Dose”

  • The water-gel texture is light and non-sticky, great for people with oily skin and/or combination skin like mine.
  • I like that it’s customizable because your skin and my skin are different. And I believe that our skin changes every now and then. Having a customizable solution doesn’t only offer flexibility to focus on varies concerns of the moment, it also means that everyone has a higher chance of finding a more suitable serum.
  • Because it’s a serum, I didn’t have to change my skincare routine to accommodate it. Instead, I inserted it as suggested, after my toner.

Things That Can Be Improved

  • Is there any chance that “My Daily Dose” would come in the form of a tube or with a pump in the future? A bottle with a dropper is a little troublesome in my opinion and when it’s towards the end, it gets a lot harder to pick up product from the corners of the bottle. And air tends to get trapped in the dropper.
  • My bottle of daily dose finished in less than two months, perhaps larger bottles could be introduced?

The Overview

  • My skin definitely felt more supple and hydrated after a week of using “My Daily Dose”.
  • However, I didn’t notice much difference in pigmentation, freckles, dullness, wrinkles, lines and ageing skin but having said that, results of these area of concerns usually takes longer to show and I believe it will definitely take more than 2 months and more than 1 dose.
  • I find the price range slightly too high in relationship to the amount of product we get but we are focusing on three areas instead of one.
  • I would suggest “My Daily Dose” for those who have trouble finding a suitable serum from mainstream brands.
  • I would also suggest “My Daily Dose” to those who travels often as this bottle of serum contains ingredients that targets three areas, a bottle that does it all – handy.

My Daily Dose” retails at S$128 for 20ml of product. Available at all Skin Inc boutiques listed here.

Thank you for reading and hope the information above helped.

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