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SK-II “Live The Life You Love” Campaign & Charity Auction


First-ever SK-II charity auction showcases unique items by SK-II’s newest brand ambassadors and MediaCorp celebrities. 80% of proceeds raised from charity auction will go towards raising awareness of the water crisis in Asia among school children in Singapore.

Inspired by the miracles of “Re-birth” of skin and life that women around the world have experienced with Facial Treatment Essence – SK-II’s iconic product – SK-II today presents “Live The Life You Love” campaign and charity auction.

The ongoing auction which took place in December 2012 features a total of 8 unique items by MediaCorp celebrities up for auction at selected retailers, including unique items such as “A Special Collection Set” containing a wine glass and a set of two photographs by SK-II’s newest brand ambassadors – Korean actor and director, Yoo Ji Tae and internationally renowned supermodel, Sheila Sim, respectively, to commemorate their ‘Re-birth’ journeys with SK-II.

On why she selected photographs for the auction, Sheila hopes that her photographs capturing nature’s splendour, will serve as a source of inspiration for its owner.

These photographs are very special to me as they remind me of life’s simple and priceless beauty and inspire me to look forward to the endless opportunities present in life.

Sheila Sim

MediaCorp Artiste and Ex-MTV VJ, Belinda Lee, selected a unique travelogue, Find me a Singaporean that traces her unique journey of self-discovery through a myriad of individual trips.

This book is an apt representation of my “Re-births” in life as it has helped me nurture and mould my identity over the years. I hope this book will be instrumental in helping its owner embrace the future ahead and ride on challenges for enhanced growth.

Belinda Lee

The auction also features contributions by other well-known names, including popular MediaCorp artistes Kym Ng, Pan Ling Ling and Rebecca Lim, who hope to give the gift of ‘Re-birth’ that they have experienced with SK-II to other women.

This festive season, SK-II has raised the bar for giving once again, presenting women with the Gift of All Gifts – transformation through “Re-birth”. SK-II’s “Live The Life You Love” campaign and charity auction is inspired by the numerous stories of “Re-birth” given by women who have been touched by SK-II and signifies our commitment to bring the miracle of transformation to other women in need.

Miss Loo Lee Lee
SK-II Group Sales Manager, Singapore

In partnership with World Vision Singapore, 80% of all proceeds raised from SK-II’s “Live The Life You Love” campaign and charity auction will go towards raising awareness of the water crisis in Asia among school children in Singapore while the balance of the proceeds will be channeled towards supporting children and communities in Asia in need of safe drinking water.

While many of us do not think twice about access to safe drinking water, there are many out there who are not so fortunate. In fact, in the wake of the recent natural disasters that have hit poor endemic areas, Asia is facing an unprecedented water crisis.

The issue of unsafe drinking water has a huge impact on communities in need as many women and children continue to suffer from poor health from water-borne illnesses. Through SK-II’s “Live The Life You Love” campaign and charity auction, we hope to raise greater awareness of this issue and help make a real difference to those in need.

Mr. James Quek
Executive Director, World Vision Singapore

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hi Joey,
    Will you be posting a review of the YSL holiday highlight you hauled a while ago?
    I saw it at DFS, so pretty! And awfully pricy… yet no tester! Was thinking if you could share your thoughts about it?

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