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Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush In Petal

This Spring, Dior creates its first blush that enhances your unique cheek colour for an ultra-natural and customized healthy glow effect. Below are information and application tips extracted from the leaflet found inside the box, together with the product.


ROSY GLOW features the new Fresh Colour Reveal™ technology which intuitively adjusts to the moisture of each skin to make the cheeks blush with delight. Upon application, ROSY GLOW reveals fresh and luminous colour that develops a rosy radiance to match each skin tone for an all-day ultra-natural, customized and healthy glow effect.


Its ultra-fine powder texture and its irresistible rose fragrance offer a moment of pure indulgence with each application.

According to the leaflet, you are supposed to sweep the brush over the powder a single time to take just the right amount of product then apply delicately to the top of cheekbones. The halo of colour gradually intensifies as if by magic, revealing an ultra-natural and customized rosy glow.

To accentuate the makeup result, sweep the powder over the cheekbones with the brush a second time for a more vibrant colour result.

When I saw the promotional pictures of this item, I am in love with the embossed “Dior” wordings and the delicate, soft pink hue. When I saw the blush in person, I was a little worried that it may look too pale and chalky on myself. But I soon learnt about the technology and was fasinated.A blush that adapts and changes colour according to one’s skin tone?

As you can see from the swatches above, the heavier swatch leans a little lilac, a pale cool-tone pink with a matte finish probably describes it best. It’s less chalky once blended out and seems to blend into the skin very smoothly.

I applied the blush as suggested in the leaflet and I really, really like how natural and glowy it looks. It looks as if the blush has a “soft focus” effect or something.

The picture on the left was taken almost immediately after I applied the blush. The picture on the right is taken about 20 minutes after application. Not a huge difference but I noticed the hue changed ever-so-slightly – became a little warmer and rosier.

I also enjoyed the rose scent I smell while applying this blush.

One more closer look at the details of the blush. Under direct sunlight, you can see that the blush is not totally matte, it has very tiny shimmer but not visible after application. DIOR ROSY GLOW comes in a sturdy, transparent plastic casing with a metal lid – similar to the Diorskin Nude Glow released last Summer.

The shade of DIOR ROSY GLOW is somewhat quite unique in my blush collection. The closest I found is Givenchy La Prisme Blush in It Girl Purple 24 (depending on the colour combination). Hope you enjoy the swatches and comparisons below.

Overall, a unique piece I love. From the soft and fine texture to the colour that self-adjusts. And I really like the natural glow this blush creates – it lasts all day too.

DIOR ROSY GLOW Healthy Glow Awakening Blush in Petal retails at S$70 for 7.5g of product, made in France. Available at Dior TANGS and Takashimaya now together with rest of their Spring 2012 Makeup Collection.

Did you pick up a ROSY GLOW for yourself too?

18 thoughts on “Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush In Petal

  1. hi Joey,
    I was in dilemma deciding between Chanel Spring blush and this Dior blush. I finally gave up and pick the Chanel. This is a great one too and I’m still wondering whether I should get this one as well.. :p

  2. wow it looks great on you! May have to get this after all I did think it would be chalky and to pinkish on me.
    Does it smell like the Chanel blushes I just adore the rose scent?

  3. I just received my Rosy Glow. I love cool pink blushes so I wasn’t afraid when I saw it. I was surprised though when it changed slightly into a lesser cool pink on my skin. It does look more natural!!! Freaky!!! I applied too much the first time so I’ll tone it down today. I am very pleased and think that others will be too. It only takes a short time to transform the color so I recommend that you try it on yourself and see if you aren’t pleased. It’s different from other blushes……..The rose smell is delicious too! Fun!

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