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Dior Vernis Garden Party Scented Nail Polish In 504 Waterlily & 694 Forget-Me-Not

Dior seemed to have released a few amazingly innovative products this season. I am really impressed with their Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush in Petal (reviewed here) and I am nonetheless very thrilled about their scented nail polishes.

This Spring, Dior rolled out two Garden Party Scented Nail Polish in 504 Waterlily & 694 Forget-Me-Not. Each bottle retails at S$36 for 10ml of product, made in France.

Dior Vernis Garden Party Scented Nail Polish in 504 Waterlily is a fresh, young pistachio green with micro-shimmer running through. I wouldn’t say this is the sort of colour I would wear everyday but it’s a unique and uplifting shade to me. Feels like the weekend when I have it on.

More swatches and comparison of Waterlily on Café Makeup.

Dior Vernis Garden Party Scented Nail Polish in 694 Forget-Me-Not is muted grey tone lavender with a cream finish. It doesn’t consists of shimmer like Waterlily does. I find this shade more common and easier to find one that’s similar although I don’t own one. It’s feminine yet bares a little mysterious with the grey undertone – kind of like the shadows of an enchanted garden.

More swatches and comparison of Forget-Me-Not on The Makeup Blogette.

Some comparison on the nail wheels.

Dior Waterlily is brighter and has shimmer as compared to Illamasqua Milf. Sephora Jungle Playground has more olive and is less bright. OPI Stranger Tides has a grey tinge to its olive base drawing it a mile away from Dior Waterlily.

Dior Forget-Me-Not is quite similar to Illamasqua Velocity but deeper. Dior Purple Mix is deeper and redder than Dior Forget-Me-Not. China Glaze Below Deck is more muted and grey as compared to the other three which are more vibrant and sharp.

For more swatches and comparison of both colours, head over to The Beauty Look Book.

Overall, very happy with both shades and I love Waterlily.

The consistency of Waterlily is a little thicker than other Dior polishes I have, it is also a little thicker than I prefer. I find it harder to work with and it needs a little more patient to apply. Two thin coats of Waterlily provides enough coverage on my nails. Forget-Me-Not has a smoother and normal consistency which is much easier to work with.

So, are the polishes scented?

When I got home with them, I opened the bottle and took a sniff – no, it doesn’t smell of anything except nail polishes. Then I applied them on my nail wheels and when it dries, it does smell of roses. How creative? I don’t know if scented nail polishes have been around but they are definitely new to me.

If I had to choose one, it would no doubt be Waterlily.

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful weekend.

All swatches on nails taken with Nail Tek Foundation II Ridge-Filling Base Coat, 2 coats of nail polish and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Swatches on nail wheels with 2 coats of nail polish.

6 thoughts on “Dior Vernis Garden Party Scented Nail Polish In 504 Waterlily & 694 Forget-Me-Not

  1. Thank for yet anouther great an honest review. I bought the waterlily as well because I did not have any like this (and I do own alot of nailpolishes so thats says something right?!). I think is absoluty gorgeaus because indeed not easy to apply I have trouble with the brush any tips on that?
    Normally I am a chanel polish girl but the spring look whats not a must have for me (fortunately for my wallet 🙂

    • Hi Nawi,
      Yes, the formula right?
      I guess you just have to be patient..
      I paint 3 thin coats to achieve opacity, the first coat is uneven, 2nd gets better and the 3rd – perfect!!
      Try applying them as thin as you can, it adds up and they will look beautiful =)

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