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Shu Uemura Creamy Dome Blusher In Fairy Pink

Shu Uemura Creamy Dome Blusher in Fairy Pink is a new and limited edition product released together in their Celestial Garden Makeup Collection For Spring 2012. Find out more about the collection here. Retails at S$39 for 8.5g of product, designed in Japan and made in Korea.

According to the press release, the new creamy dome blusher adds a gentle colour to cheeks. Blushing hues glide naturally onto cheeks in a sweeping gesture with this new dome shape design. Two celestial shades in a silky cream texture perfectly contour cheeks for an effortless professional makeup finish.

The grooves on both the cover and casing can be turned clock-wise to reveal more product. The catch may seem a little stiff at first but it gets easier as you go along. The white packaging of this new product fits in really well with rest of the Shu Uemura range. The plastic casing is light yet sturdy and comes with a transparent lid which is very handy when it comes to finding the shade you want. At this point of time, there are only two shades, not very hard to find the shade you want but following the success of this product, Shu Uemura may create more shades in the future?

The dome shape design of the cream blush is quite clever because I could apply straight and blend with either a brush or my fingers. I won’t recommend using a sponge because it takes away too much product.

The texture of this cream blush is very firm and hard, nothing overly creamy nor buttery. It glides onto the cheeks effortlessly and has a smooth, powdery finish which feels very nice to touch. The blush also feels very light on the skin.

Keeping in mind that this product is meant to add a gentle colour to cheeks – it makes sense that it swatches rather sheer. I believe that this product will benefit those who prefers a very natural and subtle wash of colour on their cheeks and those who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup.

For me, I will pair this product with a smoky eye for a soft definition on my cheeks. It goes on very nicely even after setting my foundation with powder as well – it doesn’t streak or mess up my foundation. I have also tried using it as a base for my powder blushers – it gives a very natural blend of colour to the cheeks.

However, if you are slightly more tan, this shade might not show up on your skin tone. I suggest making a trip down to the nearest Shu Uemura counter to try the shades before purchasing. And if you like blushers with more colour payoff, this product might not be your cup of tea either. At the bottom of my heart, I secretly wish that the Shu Uemura Creamy Dome Blusher has a more intense colour payoff because it’s always easier to tone down rather than trying to layer for more colour.

Thank you for reading and I hope the information helped.

6 thoughts on “Shu Uemura Creamy Dome Blusher In Fairy Pink

  1. This reminds me of Tarte’s natural lip and cheek tint. I picked one up recently and tried it out yesterday – it was really really nice. There’s something about the way it feels on my skin – so cooling and comforting.

    It’s a shame Shu Uemura is not available in my part of the world though I do sometimes feel their colours are catered towards the fairer population so it does make sense in a strange way.

    • I know right?
      If only it is a little more pigmented, I would have loved it..
      Oh, Tarte – I have heard so much about them but never tried, we don’t have Tarte here!!
      Love anything cooling on my skin – I am masking at the moment!!

  2. Joey, thanks for reviewing this, I can safely skip this now as pretty as it is and concentrate on getting other items. I’m afraid it probably won’t show on my acne scarred cheeks.

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