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NARS Picks From Their Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection

Feels like I haven’t done a shopping post in quite some time – ok, fact is – I have been doing quite a fair bit of shopping in Hong Kong and the past couple of days. I am trying not to post entries of items that I bought but hoping to include a little review, swatch and thoughts too.

Nonetheless, before NARS Spring 2012 Makeup Collection kicks in, I would like to show you what I bought from their Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection.

My picks include 4 items, the Mandchourie Duo Eyeshadow, Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush Powder, Joyous Red Lipstick and G-Spot Multiple. NARS never fails to come up with amazing products each season. I feel that products they include in each collection are always very complete – eyeshadows, blushers, lipstick and nail polishes.

Let me know if you would like to see swatches, reviews or a look featuring any of the items above.

What are your picks from this collection?

Thank you for looking.

12 thoughts on “NARS Picks From Their Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection

  1. Hey Joey!

    I didn’t pick up any item from the Holiday collection. But, I want to get the cream shadow in Ponderosa which I think will work well for smoky-eyes look. :p

    I wanted Miss Liberty but when I swatched it in Taiwan. It was so shimmery & reminded me of New Order so I had skipped it. :S

    Enjoy your hauls & would like to see you do a FOTD featuring these new toys! 🙂

  2. I picked up Mandchourie and I love it. It blends seamlessly though, so it’s difficult to tell where you have the blue and where you have the gray. Actually that’s one of the minor issues I have with NARS eyeshadows – blends a bit too well 🙂

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