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Nails In Wanna Pepperoni

A friend recently gifted me a bottle of Nail Polish by H&M in Wanna Pepperoni. The bottle contains 9ml of product, made in France. I am not sure if H&M Singapore carries nail polishes – if I am not mistaken, she bought it from Europe and I am not sure if H&M Hong Kong has them.

If you happen to see these nail polishes, they are worth a second look because they are pretty impressive – to me.

I would describe Wanna Pepperoni as a bright green-yellow with a cream finish.

The texture is extremely creamy, smooth, paints evenly and it doesn’t streak. It reminds me of Sephora nail polishes – slightly thicker than usual but still user-friendly. It is also extremely pigmented and can possibly pass off as a one-coater as well.

When I swatched Wanna Pepperoni for the first time, I immediately think of OPI Fiercely Fiona. A little comparison above – as you can see, Fiercely Fiona leans a lot more yellow, almost lime as compared to Wanna Pepperoni.

Do you prefer H&M Wanna Pepperoni or OPI Fiercely Fiona?

Thank you for reading.

All swatches taken with natural sunlight, without flash – Nail Tek Foundation II Ridge-Filling Base Coat, 2 coats of nail polish and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

10 thoughts on “Nails In Wanna Pepperoni

      • oh, thank you so much for visiting! I’m just starting 😉 yes, H&M is pretty much everywhere but beauty products only appear once in a while and everything sells pretty quickly. Pink and red nailpolish is always on stock though. So I was never really tempted to buy. But this colour in particular looks great and I don’t think I’ve ever seen in before!

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