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Introducing Shiseido Makeup Collection For Spring 2012

For those who adores Shiseido’s Shimmering Cream Eye Colors and Shimmering Rouges, you will be very happy as this Spring, Shiseido will be adding new shades to their existing range.

Visit Shiseido YouTube Channel for more videos.

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Below are some posts about the Shimmering Rouges;-

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New shades includes;-

Shimmering Cream Eye Color

  • PK 214 Pale Shell
  • BL 215 Ice
  • OR 313 Sunshower

Shimmering Rouge

  • PK 214 Opal
  • OR 316 Mango
  • BR 317 Butterscotch
  • PK 415 Sorbet
  • RS 619 Venus
  • RD 320 Temptress
  • RD 718 Sugarplum (not pictured)

I do apologise about the quality of images above, they were taken with my iPhone at the mall when I was in KL for Chinese New Year. RD 718 Sugarplum is missing from the display thus I don’t have a swatch of it.

Thank you for looking, I hope the information has been helpful.

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