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Introducing FANCL Limited Edition “Cupid” Mild Cleansing Oil

Now available in a Limited Edition “Cupid” design by acclaimed Japanese textile designer, Masaru Suzuki

As the cherubic and mischievous god of love and romance, Cupid flutters around and pierces his golden arrows into the hearts of unsuspecting passer-bys, making them fall in love. Always surrounded by a lush garden of blossoming flowers, Cupid is a reflection of the abundant love that flourishes wherever he goes. Inspired by his aura of bliss and enchantment, FANCL unveils its bestselling Mild Cleansing Oil in a limited edition “Cupid” bottle design by acclaimed Japanese textile designer, Masaru Suzuki.

Dressed in a dreamily soft shade of blushing pink, the bottle features an adorable motif of the well-loved winged angel in a vibrant berry hue, topped off with fluttery wings in cream. Showering sweet blessings of love with a colourful bouquet of cascading floral blooms, the “Cupid” design aptly captures the ethereal and light-hearted feeling of being love-struck and that heady sense of bliss when we get swept off our feet.


FANCL Limited Edition “Cupid” Mild Cleansing Oil retails at S$33 for 120ml and it comes with a complimentary 20ml “Cupid” Mild Cleansing Oil.

Available at all FANCL outlets while stock lasts.

Information extracted from press release provided by FANCL

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