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Shiseido Shimmering Rouge In RD 320 Temptress, OR 316 Mango & RS 619 Venus

Shiseido Shimmering Rouge in RD 320 Temptress, OR 316 Mango and RS 619 Venus are 3 of the 7 new shades released this Spring. For more information on the collection, click here. I bought these in KL and each retails at RM95 for 2.2g of product, made in Japan. Depending on the conversion rate, each works out to be approximately S$39 as compared to S$43 in Singapore.

I am quite impressed and surprised with the new shades – the colours seem to be more intense as compared to their existing range. Formula feels similar but surely more opaque in my opinion. The 13 shades launched last year were slightly more translucent and sheer.

The colours I have chosen are very pigmented and vibrant. I guess I would have to tone them down by blotting or layering over some lip balm for daily use.

  • RD 320 Temptress – redden brown with multi-coloured micro shimmers
  • OR 316 Mango – vibrant and fresh orange
  • RS 619 Venus – redden plum

These lipsticks are housed in a slim and light – some sort of brushed metal casing which am glad to say, is not much of a fingerprint magnet. The slim packaging allows me to the lipstick in the smallest clutch I own – perfect for dinner parties.

First swatch taken under natural sunlight without flash. Second swatch taken under natural sunlight with flash to show the glossy finish and shine of the lipstick.

The Shiseido Shimmering Rouges don’t smell of anything in particular. Texture is soft, creamy and smooth – glides onto the lips seamlessly and effortlessly. It feels almost like melted lipstick on the lips yet lips feels light and comfortable.

Because of its silky finish and creamy texture, it acts like a veil over the lips – making lips look healthy, supple and soft. But (also) due to its finish and texture, these lipsticks lasts for only 3-4 hours on me. They were never marketed as long-wearing so I guess we have to give and take on this part.

The shades above are ultra rich in colour, I would describe them as full coverage lipsticks. Due to the richness of colour, I usually apply them directly to the inner parts of my lips and work it outwards with a lip brush for more precision. On a daily basis, I like to wear RS 619 Venus with a lip balm underneath to dilute its vibrancy just a little.

All in all, loving them. They are moisturizing and comfortable to wear – excellent alternatives for traditional lipsticks or lipglosses.

Thank you for reading.

16 thoughts on “Shiseido Shimmering Rouge In RD 320 Temptress, OR 316 Mango & RS 619 Venus

    • Hi Sunny,
      Temptress is gorgeous!!
      Where are you now?
      No Shiseido where you are?
      My first product from Shiseido was a lipstick and I have only started exploring more of their products recently..
      So far, loving them =)

  1. wow, you picked out great shades, can’t wait to see them in person when they are here in Sg. hmmm. Are they in Sg yet?? lolx. Maybe I need to go shopping…

  2. Hi! I’ve seen those at Changi DFS, and if I’m not mistaken they cost about S$36! Way cheaper than in town! I was contemplating whether to buy them or Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour in Soft Coral. I’m worried they aren’t opaque enough on my lips. Glad I stumbled upon your site!

    • Hi Joceline,
      DFS always have great deals, if you travel enough, it’s a plus to shop there =)
      I find BB Rich Lip Colors quite opaque too..
      But these Shiseido ones are softer and more shimmering!!

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