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恭喜發財, 新年快樂

How time flies? Today is the last day of Chinese New Year – some sort of new beginning for those who celebrates. This year’s celebration was very simple and short for me, I went home for only 4 days but managed to catch up with the uncles, aunties and cousins. It’s always nice to eat and chit-chat together where everyone laughs and share jokes.

Chinese New Year is also a season for occasional gamblers – like me, to play a few games of mah jong and black jack. Not much luck I say.

Like always, we gathered at our Grandma’s house on the first day of Chinese New Year. Hang out, eat, play cards and eat again. This year, little niece is older and is enjoying herself with the food. Everyone have their eyes on her – the first great-grandchild, our happy pie.

A few pictures from our reunion dinner on new year’s eve – will post an entry separately, food for our dinner was fantastic.

Special thanks to Michelle for organizing the reunion dinner, aunty for preparing the delicious food on new year’s day. Here, I would like to formally wish all of you 歲歲平安, 年年有餘.

Thank you for reading.


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