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Kampachi, Exquisite Japanese Cuisine At Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

If you are into exquisite Japanese cuisine, this post might drive you crazy and make you have a craving like never before – or maybe not.

During the festive season, Angie made a reservation for 11 of us at the Kampachi Restaurant opposite our hotel, at Pavilion. This restaurant is located on level 6, clean, spacious and neatly decorated – ideal for large gatherings. Flexible tables and chairs formed a long table somewhere in the middle of the restaurant for us together with a few other families who have also made prior bookings.

Food were fresh, the use of colours and delicate decorations made quite an impression. I didn’t manage to take note of the names of dishes we ordered as I was a little too busy tasting and taking pictures of them – before anyone’s fork enters the picture.

Room for dessert?

We managed to squeeze a little space somewhere in between – I am glad we did, desserts were awesome. MUST try their fried ice-cream, delicious vanilla ice-cream wrapped in crushed peanuts, dipped in flour and fried to perfection – ice cream is still solid on the inside. MUST try their mochi, soft, silky and melts in your mouth.

I must admit, we were all quite hungry from travelling and shopping that day – all the food you see above definitely satisfied our stomachs and much beyond. I remember I slept exceptionally well that night – could it be the meal or because I was too exhausted?

If there is one thing I could wish for right now, it would be the fried ice-cream. I remembered my mummy brought me for my first fried ice-cream when I was little. LOVE.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “Kampachi, Exquisite Japanese Cuisine At Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Hi Joey,

    New fan of your blog!

    Love the reviews on makeup & food. Especially the fried ice-cream, it looks awesomely yummy! Have never tried before though. I’m sure your mummy will wana get it for you again!


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