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Chanel Blush Horizon de Chanel In Soft Glow Blush


The limited edition Blush Horizon de Chanel is an exclusive creation combining shades of dawn and sunlight, like the lines of a luminous horizon: garnet trimmed with white, a gradation of pinks and peaches.

This unique powder blush lends itself to multiple effects: blended together, the harmony is ideal for sculpting and accentuating the natural contours of the face. Using just the pink shades creates a fresh, youthful flush, while on their own, the peach tones produce a warm, sun-bronzed glow.


Retailing at S$100 for 15g of product, made in Italy.

Blush Horizon de Chanel is another item I picked up from Harmonie de Printemps Makeup Collection For Spring 2012. It consists of 5 pink and peach hues that mimics the sunset. Contained in the classic and timeless Chanel compact of a Joues Contraste. It also comes with a slanted face brush.

Isn’t this blush simply too beautiful to pass? The horizontal strips of colours and the embossed Chanel logo took my breath away – almost instantly.

This blush swatches a tad differently depending on which colours you pick up more. Generally, I like to swipe my blush brush across the entire surface of the blush for an even colour distribution.

I wouldn’t describe this blush as being frosty but it definitely contains quite a fair amount of shimmer. When worn, the shimmer seems less concentrated – for those who are afraid that the shimmer might enhance pores or make your skin look too shiny, don’t be. This blush gives the most natural sheen to brighten up one’s skin tone. It can also be layered for more intensity.

For the picture above, I am wearing only the Blush Horizon de Chanel on my cheeks. Although it’s natural, it lasted all day on me. This blush feels lovely on the skin, very smooth and silky to touch.

Bottom line, is Blush Horizon de Chanel a must-have this season? A big “yes” for Chanel fans and those who couldn’t resist this beauty – the shimmer is gorgeous.


I have the three Spring looks Chanel featured on their website for you above – click to enlarge.

Thank you for reading.

12 thoughts on “Chanel Blush Horizon de Chanel In Soft Glow Blush

    • Hi Hazel,
      I did!! Just before Chinese New Year =)
      I go to the one and only Kelvin Low at Zinc, Centerpoint!!
      He is the only one I trust, have been cutting my hair for more than 6 years!!

    • Hi Stephy,
      Yes, I swirl my blush brush over all the shades.
      If I want something a little more intense, I will use a smaller brush and concentrate on the darker shade =)

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