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除夕 – Reunion Dinner At The Ritz Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

Our reunion dinner at The Ritz Carlton, Kuala Lumpur was fabulous. The food prepared by Li Yen Restaurant are all very delicious. If you are planning a family gathering or other events, they offer private dining rooms.

Unlike the room we checked into, we were impressed with the dinner – from the level of service to the quality of food. Tables were neatly set up and plates were changed in between every dish. Tea was served hot and refilled periodically. Waiters were friendly and helpful.

Our reunion dinner’s menu was quite simple – notice we didn’t have “yu sheng”?

I have a few dishes to recommend if you visit this restaurant in the future. Double-boiled shark’s bone soup, Steam clay pot rice with chines waxed meat and Double-boiled almond tea with glutinous rice ball.

We had such a wonderful dinner and the food was just too good, I can see a few of us rubbing our stomachs and packing more food for supper.

Thank you for reading.

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