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Chanel Les Tendres de Chanel In Les Rosés

Les Tendres de Chanel in Les Rosés is not something new – I believe it was made available since last year? I saw it in the Kris Shop magazine on Singapore Airlines on several occasions but I didn’t buy it until last month. I tried looking for testers at DFS but there weren’t any, perhaps that hindered my buying decision some how.

It is a natural finish face highlighter and blush in one compact. I can’t remember the exact price but I reckon it’s around S$70, contains 14g of product, made in Italy.

It immediately reminded me of my Soleil Tan de Chanel 4 Facettes Bronzing Powder in 547 Bronze Rosé (from Les Fleurs D’ete de Chanel Makeup Collection for Summer 2011) and below is a little comparison between the both.

Both comes in the same packaging but like all other Chanel bronzers, the debossed Chanel logo on the cover is gold in colour. The design and colour distribution of all four shades are identical as well. Both contains the same amount of product, made from the same country.

I would say that Les Tendres de Chanel in Les Rosés is the winter version of Soleil Tan de Chanel in 547 Bronze Rosé as the colours are brighter, lighter and cooler – but of course, we have to remember, they are a totally different product and meant for different purposes.

On my arm, the lighter shades appear more prominent as compared to the rosier hues.

When the two lighter shades are blended out, they give a very subtle hint of glow – extremely wearable in my opinion, even for those with concerns regarding their pores and fine lines. When the two rosier shades are blended out, they create a very natural blushing hue for me. The intensity can be built up along the hollows of the cheeks for contouring if desire.

I am wearing only Les Tendres de Chanel in Les Rosés in the set of pictures below.

I use a smaller blush brush such as Sephora IT Brush 111 (meant for foundation but I enjoy using it on the cheeks) or MAC 109 to pick up the first two lighter shades. I apply them on cheek bones and above my brows – forming a “C” shape. I use an angled brush such as Sephora IT Brush 131 or Smashbox Angled Blush Brush to pick up the 3rd and 4th shades – apply on the hollows of the cheeks (where you normally contour) and blend upwards to wear the highlight ends.

When I am rushing or have little time to get ready, I use the application method above to save a bit of time as I don’t have to use another product for contouring. If you feel that contouring looks a little too harsh or unnatural on you, you might want to try using a blush instead. Sometimes when I wear very minimal makeup, contouring can be a little too strong for the overall look.

A very useful product for travellers, highlighter lovers and blusher lovers. If you want something natural, work-friendly and you can touch-up on the go, this is probably what you need. For myself, Les Tendres de Chanel in Les Rosés can be used for highlighting, blushing and contouring.


Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Chanel Les Tendres de Chanel In Les Rosés

  1. You look absolutely gorgeous in these colors! This is probably my favorite look on you. Can’t be topped! Wish we’d get this product in the US. I haven’t seen it here yet unless we didn’t get it here in the Pacific Northwest. Also, what lipstick are you wearing? It’s incredibly beautiful on you!

    • Hi Linnn,
      I got it while flying with Singapore Airlines via Kris Shop, this item may have been OOS as I didn’t see it in their latest magazine..
      I am so sorry =(

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