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Introducing SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist Regimen

Breakthrough Regimen Cuts, Loosens and Removes Stubborn Spots from the Roots

Leveraging intensive research into the anatomy of stubborn spots, SK-II has uncovered the intricate mechanism of how they are formed and why spots are one of the toughest whitening issues that women face. Inspired by ground-breaking findings from this research, SK-II unveiled its newest Whitening Spots Specialist regimen which cuts, loosens and removes stubborn spots from the root, opening up a new dimension from SK-II to the world of whitening.


Stubborn dark spots, also known as ago spots or hyperpigmentation, are one of the toughest skin issues that women face today. While visible spots are easily seen, what is more difficult to manage are “hidden” spots that manifest into dark spots over time.

Dark stubborn spots have always been a top concern among Asian women because we want to have flawless, perfect skin. And as whitening technologies evolve, so have the standards. Nowadays, women want their spotless, aura-bright skin naturally, without laser.

Mr Taro Yamaguchi
SK-II Global External Relations, Scientific Communications

Using years of skin research, SK-II has discovered that stubborn spots form as a result of dysfunctional melanin discharge. For years, scientists have known that overproduction of melanin at the root of spots and the slow turnover of melanin-rich cells at the surface, are the causes of spots. One of the latest discoveries from SK-II is that cell proliferation is actually impaired when they contain excessive melanin. This reduces the rate of cell turnover so that melanin-containing cells are not easily eliminated. This new insight is one key reason for the formation of stubborn spots.

Based on these key findings, SK-II has developed the new Whitening Spots Specialist Regimen to target even five-year-old stubborn spots from the roots. Consisting of the highly awarded Whitening Spots Specialist and the new Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate, this new regimen takes a three-pronged approach to cut, loosen and remove stubborn spots.

Whitening Spots Specialist, which took the industry by storm when it first launched in 2011, boasts the powerful Root Complex to cut stubborn spots at the root. A combination of De-Melono P3C®, Pitera™ and Pal-pal extract, the Root Complex slows down the spot chain reaction of normal spots and hidden spots, by cutting the root of these spots beneath the skin’s surface.

But going beyond just cutting the root of the spot, the second step in whitening regimen, SK-II new Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate, helps to eliminate most stubborn spots by loosening and removing them. It contains the new Rich Melano-Discharge complex that completes the three-pronged attack to spot eradication.


SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist and SK-II Whitening Spots Concentrate will be available at SK-II counters island-wide from March 2012.

  • Whitening Spots Specialist (30ml) – S$176
  • Whitening Spots Specialist (50ml) – S$258
  • Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate – S$209

Information extracted from SK-II press release provided


18 thoughts on “Introducing SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist Regimen

    • Hi Paulina,
      SK-II suggests using both as the SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist slows down/prevent dark spots and the SK-II Whitening Spots Concentrate helps to lift/remove dark spots..
      I would recommend popping by the SK-II counter for a skin check so you know which products suits you =)

  1. Hi Joey, is the SK-II Whitening Spots Concentrate available in SG? I had a look at their website and couldn’t find the product 😦

  2. acabei de comprar o produto em uma loja japonesa, sera q pode ser usado durante o dia? (sk-ll spots whitening)

    • Hi Paulina,
      According to the SK-II BA, I don’t need to include Whitening Spots Specialist and Whitening Spots Concentrate in my regime (yet) thus I have not tried..

  3. As for the Whitening Spors Concentrate, Is it the last step of the skin care for the night time after moisturizer. Can you explain how to use it and after finishing 28 sachets, can I use them again continuously until all spots lightened. Thanks!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      From my understanding, yes, it’s the last step, after moisturizer..
      And after using all 28 sachets, you can use them again..
      Best to consult a BA if you have further questions =)
      Remember to do a skin check if you have time!!

    • Hi Vico,
      I believe SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist can be used on the entire face and if you find it too rich or heavy for the day, use it at night =)
      Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate is more potent and is more suitable for usage on a targeted area during the night..
      I hope I answer your question..
      Visit any SK-II counters for a professional skin check and advice xoxo

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