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Trying To Catch A Breath

Sorry for the long silence and late replies to comments and emails – for the past 2 weeks, I have been running short of time to do practically anything. By the time I get home, I just couldn’t face the computer – I didn’t have the energy to focus and words seem to disappear into the thin air.

It was a short month last month (well, kind of) but it felt like forever. Not-so-good things happened and I guess that’s life isn’t it? Can’t always be good, right? Am happy it’s March and hopefully things will get into place for me.

Have been catching a few shows at night which I would like to share. They are considered out-of-the-box for me as I have never enjoyed watching shows under this genre. If I recall correctly, I didn’t like 300. Anyway, I guess my preference has shifted slightly, might watch 300 again.

Spartacus – a 2010 TV series which comes in two seasons. I believe, Blood & Sand and Gods Of The Arena. Absolutely in love with the characters especially Andy Whitfield. Not sure how much of the story is based on actual history tho.

Have not noticed Andy Whitfield before Spartacus but I was really upset to find out that he is no longer with us – he left last September due to illness.

Rome – another TV series based in the 1st century BC, during Ancient Rome’s transition from Republic to Empire. Rome wasn’t built in a day for sure. This series has more juice to it and I really like the humble Titus Pullo starred by Ray Stevenson.

Both series are extremely bloody, contain countless violent and nude scenes. Lots of slitting throats that I had to hide behind a pillow. Story line is pretty interesting, the way people used to live, differences and gap between the rich and poor, slavery, war, corruption and democracy.

Watched Underworld Awakening at Cathay. Because the cinema closest to us is under renovation, we decided to venture out of our comfort zone and explore the Cathay Platinum Movie Suites – I think we prefer Golden Village Gold Class, seats are more comfortable. This movie is probably the worst of the series but Kate Beckinsale is still so hot.

Let’s back date to Valentine’s Day – Mak and I had a very casual, simple and delicious meal at home. Our schedule in February was too tight for a retreat anywhere. We tried to make the dinner as romantic as possible with candles and a bottle of Juliet – he prepared the steak, I prepared the mash, salad and sliced the bread.

Since we are on the topic, food – we are always on food isn’t it? I love desserts, hot or cold and frozen yogurt is always fabulous for the hot weather in Singapore.

What desserts do you like? Any particular dessert house that you frequent?

Last week, my sister registered little niece for modelling. Little niece will turn 2 in 1.5 month’s time and she worn makeup for the first time. Well, although my love for makeup is undeniable, I don’t encourage little kids to apply makeup but I suppose it’s only for 15 minutes, not much harm will occur, right?

Immediately after the photo-shoot, we used baby wipes to clean off the blush and lip gloss.

Speaking of little niece, she is getting really cute and understands a lot of things now. She is starting to speak sentences. Babysitting is a little easier as she can express what she wants better. Over the weekends when we are home, she will knock on my door – sometimes I am creating looks for the blog and this is what happens behind the scene.

As random as this post can be, I have been having a day of me-time last month, at Strip having a brazilian wax. I started waxing for the first time in late 2010 and have waxed regularly since. I like the feeling of being clean and neat down there especially before that time of the month. It’s still as painful as the first time. The worst time was when I had flu and was on medication.

My package is finishing and I am considering IPL, have anyone tried it? Would you recommend?

And yes, visited Mumbai for a week last month. More of India in my upcoming posts. It’s a vibrant city filled with people and cars. Love the food – it’s like a dream come true, curry every single day!!

On my flight home, I watched Catch Me If You Can – it’s such an awesome movie which I haven’t seen. If you haven’t watched it, please do.

That pretty much concludes my February. Not overly exciting, hope I didn’t bore you up there.

I have a little more time this month so I expect blogging to resume as per normal. I still have 2-3 posts on Switzerland which I have not completed (way overdue), a few posts on Hong Kong, the recent Mumbai trip and lots of shopping to share + lots of reviews, features and looks. I can’t wait!!

Thank you for reading and have a great, great week ahead.

12 thoughts on “Trying To Catch A Breath

  1. Love reading this summary post, seems like February was such a great yet busy period for you! When it comes to deserts I love everything but cakes in particular! Froyo is good too though, I prefer it over ice cream unless we’re talking about cold stone’s peanut butter. Yummm.

  2. Hi Joey, I waxed monthly for close to a year and never feel good to each appt, and have to try to avoid a week before ‘time of month’ when hormones are high… so eventually went to IPL, alot more costly but I never look back as its times more comfortable than waxing. The only discomfort was when they press ice pack into your skin to cool it before zapping the light. I didn’t reach to ‘total clear’ state even after 2 yrs of monthly IPL! Heard fr friends theirs clear out after a year of IPL at other clinics.

    • Thank you for the information Pearl =)
      Kind of excited but still wanna think about it, I don’t wanna spend so much and see not difference..
      And I have a thing about switching places, I prefer to stick to one therapist *shy*

  3. This is my first time to leave a comment. Just want to let you know I’m very enjoy to read your post!!! Anyway for IPL, I have implemented at my armpit for around 6 years before. It is just so wonderful!!! No pain and carefree everyday. I think you should try it!

  4. Hi Joey,

    May I know how much your sis paid for the modeling session? I’ve a pair of twins nieces so we are really keen to sign them up for modeling too =)



    • Hi Anthea,
      I believe she paid around 400+ and includes a photo-shoot every 4 months..
      The agency will upload little niece’s photo online for advertisers to pick, will go for audition if chosen and see if we are comfortable with the job..

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