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Burberry Lip Mist In 205 Rosy Red & Lip Gloss In 16 Ruby

This is a way overdue post on two items I picked up from the Burberry Festive Makeup Collection For Holiday 2011. I have most of this post drafted but didn’t have the chance to finish it off – finally have. Not entirely sure what this collection is titled as I believe it’s a very small collection which consists of several lip products. Head over to Makeup Stash for more coverage on Burberry Beauty and swatches of the items.

For enquiring minds, I believe the items are permanent (shall update if I am wrong).

Lip Mist in 205 Rosy Red is a bright translucent red.

This is my first Burberry Lip Mist, I swatched it at the counter and fell in love with the light, transparent tinge of red. The texture feels almost like a lip balm – not as light as the Clinique Almost Lipstick (reviewed here) but not as thick as a traditional lipstick. It’s buttery smooth and glides onto the lips beautifully without enhancing the lines and dryness.

Ideal for me I suppose because I have dry lips. I noticed a particular scent in it which is stronger than the Lip Cover I have. It’s nothing overwhelming but very noticeable – I would prefer something without or less of a smell.

Retails at S$43 for 3.5g of product, made in Italy.

Lip Gloss in 16 Ruby is an opaque, deep burgundy red.

This shade is ultra rich, sharp and traffic stopping yet it bares a significant amount of elegance in it. This is also my first Burberry Lip Gloss and I am very impressed with the density and colour payoff. Although the colour is rich and bold, I didn’t experience any bleeding around the edges. The formula is non sticky – a major plus. The consistency is thick yet it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips.

Retails at S$39 for 6ml of product, made in Italy.

Swatches above taken under natural sunlight without flash.

Very impressed and happy with my purchases – to think about it, none of my Burberry Beauty products disappoint. With my love for both these items, I am ready to splurge on other shades!!

Do you have any shades to recommend?

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful week ahead.

16 thoughts on “Burberry Lip Mist In 205 Rosy Red & Lip Gloss In 16 Ruby

  1. This is your most amazing red lips look to date!!! I heart it!
    For myself, I love using Nude Cashmere lip cover as a nude lip look.
    Chic and understated. It has received many negative reviews though.
    Perhaps its more suited for asian skin with pale lips?

  2. This looks great on you, I need to check it out as I’m really into red lips right now. I did purchase my first Burberry lipstick today.

  3. Hi Joey,

    I’ve thick lips and it’s really difficult to find a suitable shade for myself. I love red shade but it’ll make my lips look awfully thicker. Any advice on this pls?



    • Morning Anthea,
      There are several ways to pull of red lips for thick and fuller lips, I would suggest;-
      1. Keep rest of the face and eye makeup minimal.
      2. Avoid glossy reds.
      3. Try sheer red lipsticks.
      Last but not least, confidence is key – that applies to having thin or thick lips =)
      Hope I helped xx

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