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The Baur Au Lac Hotel

Baur Au Lac, a five-star luxury hotel was our home during our stay in Zürich.

The Baur au Lac has the discerning tastes of its guests to thank for the leading position it has maintained for 165 years in the international luxury hotel industry. Extensive renovation upholds this tradition and guarantees continuity. Set in its own park, the hotel enjoys a unique location overlooking the lake and the Alps – and yet is still but a few minutes’ walk from the Paradeplatz financial district and the Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s celebrated shopping high street.

Extracted from The Baur au Lac website

Listed in both Swiss Deluxe Hotel by Swiss Hotel Association and The Leading Hotels Of The World, Baur au Lac is no doubt breathtaking in every bit. By the way, Capella Singapore is the only hotel listed in The Leading Hotels Of The World. The Club at The Saujana and The Datai Langkawi are the two listed from Malaysia.

All the rooms vary slightly in theme – the three rooms we had were absolutely beautiful. Below are pictures of two rooms for you.

Expect to find some very luxury fabric, upholstery, sheets and furnishings – just like a mini mansion if you ask me, coming from a country where modernism took over virtually everything. I love the decoration and lighting plan – very calming, soothing and may I say, romantic at the same time.

The bathroom features heated flooring which I find totally necessary for the extremely cold weather in winter. Rest of the room is carpeted. With the heated flooring, I didn’t have to wear slippers to the bathroom in the morning – nice and warm. Makes me feel so pampered and like a princess.

We had breakfast by the river in the morning – a beautiful way to start the day.

Le Hall – just by the hotel entrance, serves great food almost the entire day. Portions are relatively large, sharing is recommended especially if you would like to try different dishes.

In-room dining is very prompt and they served us in style – very nice table setting and the hot dishes come with a paper cloth to hold the lid. That’s very thoughtful isn’t it? We were staring at the paper cloth for a bit, wondering what use is there, could it be some kind of decoration?

The view from the balcony outside my room.

The wonderful experience and services at Baur au Lac made our stay in Zürich such a memorable one. All the goodness made this stay such a worthy one too. The hotel staff were always smiling, welcoming, friendly and willing to help.

On our last night in Zürich, we wanted to make a last-minute reservation for dinner. Our driver helped us call the hotel and the hotel helped us call literally every single restaurant nearby. This is a service we truly appreciate although we didn’t manage to get any reservation due to the festive season plus it was a weekend.

I hope you like the photos, highly recommend this hotel if you visit Zürich in the future.

Thank you for reading, happy mid-week.

2 thoughts on “The Baur Au Lac Hotel

  1. I just love seeing your travel photos! You are so lucky to be able to go to so many places. When you show the rooms, the food and the scenery, it makes it seem as though I get to have a mini-vacaction, an “armchair” vacation, if you will. Much appreciated and please keep this feature in your blog. I also love the way the hotel decorated their rooms. I agree that it’s very calming to be in rooms like these. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Mimi,
      Thank you so much for the kind comments!!
      I try to take as many photos as possible during my travels, so difficult to narrow down to the few for this blog because it’s impossible to upload all..
      I wish to bring back memories of the places I have been to and share with all of you, hopefully I can also provide some minor details for those who are planning a trip there too =)
      You are most welcome and I am so happy you enjoyed them!!

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