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Goodbye Switzerland, We Will Miss You

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. The air is so clean, I can smell fresh leaves – the water is so clear, I can almost see right through the bottom. The places I have visited seem so peaceful and calm, I see people walking the dog, jogging and having a cup of coffee all day. I guess this is the kind of lifestyle one can wish for – everyday, not having to rush around to get things done.

Almost like the movie In Time Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, where New Greenwich is.

I love cold, icy weather and I absolutely adore the weather in Zürich but up in the mountains, oh my – the cold was so unforgiving, I think I need to be more prepared if I ever have a trip like this again.

The kids enjoyed snow fighting throughout the day while we were in St. Moritz. I enjoyed the weather and snapping pictures of the beautiful and lavish town. My sis enjoyed what the tour guide had to say and the stunning scenery, of course.

Switzerland is a very scenic place, I don’t know about you but every corner of the streets seem to be photogenic, even the icy mountains – be it beside the lake or amongst the trees.

On our flight home, the beautiful sunrise woke me up. It’s like a dream come true – visiting a place so far.

The world is beyond huge and there are so many places I would like to go – too many to even list down sometimes. Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Egypt, Mongolia, Morocco and Philippines are some countries I would love to visit one day. For this, I say the people who invented aeroplanes are genius – thank you for bringing the world closer.

Click on the following links if you have missed them;-

From my experience, people in Switzerland speak many languages – German, French, Italian and English. Moving around town, ordering food and asking for directions ain’t a problem at all. Throughout the trip, our tour agent has arranged transportation from hotel to places of interest but according to the driver, places can easily be reached by train.

We had tour guides showing us around the city of Luzern and St. Mortiz, it’s not absolutely necessary but it’s good to have someone show you around town because it’s their home town – who knows the place better than they do?

Streets feel safe to roam around even when dark but still, my advice is always “better be safe than sorry”, so, try to avoid back lanes, dark corners or even strolling alone.

Thank you for following me through this amazing journey, I hope you have enjoyed the posts and I am so sorry for the break in between this series.

Happy weekend.

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