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Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color In 100 Mystic Rose & 400 Anna Rose

Good afternoon everyone, how’s the weekend so far?

Today, I have the Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color in 100 Mystic Rose & 400 Anna Rose for you. Stick to the end as I have swatches of all the cheek colours and other items from this collection for you as well.

Anna Sui Makeup Collection For Spring 2012 features 6 new and amazing cheek colours. Each Rose Cheek Color retails at S$51 S$49 and contains 6g of product, made in Japan.

I purchased mine at Takashimaya a few weeks ago and it retails at only S$49 each.

As soon as the promotional visuals surfaced on the internet, I knew I was going to get them – the only problem was, I don’t know which to get. Not surprising, the probability of me picking up 100 Mystic Rose is rather high and I had to practice some self-control here, told myself I will only pick up one other shade.

I went to the counter, swatched, confirmed my selection and went to the counter straightaway – if I stayed any longer, I would probably end up with more.


Each Rose Cheek Color is housed in a polished, black plastic compact with the signature Anna Sui floral motifs and embossed logo. The packaging is very sleek-looking – nothing bulky and comes with a mirror.

The pan inside looks as if fitted in and can be taken out – the fact is, you can. There is a niche behind (above the label), all you need to do is a gentle push with a ruler – the pan is briefly glued on, no heating required. Perfect for those who often depots eyeshadows and blushers or makeup artists. The square pan also allows you to arrange them neatly into your own palette.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color in 100 Mystic Rose consists of a shimmery white, pale shimmery pink, baby blue and soft lilac. Together, all the colours make a great highlighter to enhance top of the cheek bones.

For a more translucent application, pick up the product lightly with a big fluffy brush – Sephora IT Round Powder Brush #120, Shu Uemura #27 or bareMinerals Full Flawless Face Brush. This application method is best if you plan to apply all over the face for an overall, luminous glow. Gently swirl tip of the brush onto the product and swipe it across the face from left to right.

For a more intense and concentrated application, perfect for highlighting the cheek bones – use a denser brush like Sephora IT Angled Natural Blush #131, Hakuhodo G5521 Pointed Highlight Brush or realTechniques Contour Brush. I usually don’t bother picking up individual colour, I simply swirl the brush around to pick up an equal amount of colour for application.

The blue shimmers made this highlighter a unique one in my stash. The shimmers are very fine thus I didn’t experience bits flying around during application. It applies smoothly and I am very happy with the overall, natural results this achieves.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color in 400 Anna Rose consists of a shimmery cream beige, mid-tone rose with a hint of puce, redwood rose and cerise. Together, these colours make a great contouring blush.

There are a few shades I use as a contouring blush in my stash – blushers that are deep enough to be applied along the hallows of my cheeks yet light enough to be blended out towards the apples of my cheeks. Not all blush shades work for my skin tone and I find dusty rose shades work best. Some shades are too light to be used as a contouring blush and usually shades for contouring are too bland alone.

The texture of this shade is exactly like Mystic Rose – smooth and easy to blend. It is very pigmented as well, I only need a tiny amount for each application.

Swatches above taken under natural sunlight, without flash.

Very happy with my purchases and I love the signature Anna Sui scent coming out from the products. If I have to choose one, I would no doubt pick 100 Mystic Rose because it’s truly a beauty.


Many thanks to Mag for the arrangements, together with Kas, Sara and Evonne (nice to meet you for the first time), armed with our cameras, we had the chance to swatch and take pictures of the products.

Enjoy the following swatches.

Have you checked out this collection yet? Which are your picks?

Thank you for reading.

16 thoughts on “Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color In 100 Mystic Rose & 400 Anna Rose

  1. This collection is pretty! Love the rose cheek colors, especially Mystic Rose which stands out from the rest. It’s so difficult to choose just one cheek color…

  2. Can I say again that I really love your camera and am this close to running out and purchasing it. Lol. I deliberated on picking up Mystic Rose but told myself no in the end. It’s so pretty though!

    • Hi Lulee,
      You are most welcome!!
      Hmm.. strange that’s no numbering, based on the picture and colour combination, I think it’s (from left to right) 500 Antique Rose, 100 Mystic Rose and 301 Dreamy Rose..

      • thanks for your reply! i just got my order in the mail and you were right about all three, good job 😀 they are so lovely but i’m a bit shocked at how small they are! i thought they would be much bigger. they’re too pretty to use though, i’m just looking at them for now, haha

        • Hi Lulee,
          Don’t mention, glad I was able to help!!
          Yes, they are smaller than I thought too but they are richly pigmented which, I guess, paid off =)
          I admired them for a bit before swatching too and I love the scent!!
          Hope you enjoy them as much as I do..

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