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Benefit Powderflage

Good morning everyone, what have you been up to this weekend? I have actually written this post in advance, I am in Thailand at the moment. A few readers have requested for a review on this product because I have been using it a lot in my looks. Here it is, I hope it helps.

I have previously mentioned this product here.

According to the website, Benefit Powderflage is a light-diffusing powder concealer for under eyes and face. It’s virtually weightless and camouflages fine lines and dark circles. Because it does not absorb water, it not only camouflages but is a famous setting powder for the under eyes or face. Wear alone or apply over cream concealer to help it last longer.

I had this product with me for the longest time but never realized its full potential until half a year ago. Initially, I was quite disappointed because it didn’t seem to make any difference. I wouldn’t say it makes a good concealer because it doesn’t provide enough coverage (for me) and I don’t have very dark undereye circles to begin with.

But, it makes an excellent setting powder for concealer.

Due to its ultra finely milled texture and light-diffusing properties, it wears so light under the eyes – I couldn’t feel its existence, it doesn’t cake, it’s doesn’t fill in the fine lines under my eyes nor makes my undereye area dry.

This product comes with a mini fan brush which I might have discarded. I prefer using a dense fluffy brush like MAC 225 or Inglot 6SS for application. Burberry No. 11 and Laura Mercier Angled Eye Colour Brush are also perfect for applying Benefit Powderflage – the slanted angle is brilliant for reaching the inner corners of the eyes.

For myself, I pick up a generous amount of product with either brushes mentioned above, tap off the access and apply over my concealer in a rolling motion (or patting motion) before setting my face with loose powder.

I hope my camera captured the beauty of this product for you in the above pictures.

The Overview

Benefit Powderflage brightens up the undereye area in a very natural way. If you are looking for something that will give you a pow-wow factor, this is not for you. I love it and will continue using it, if I ever finish this product, I will buy it again – this product takes forever to finish.

I think what makes me so addicted to using this product is its light-diffusing properties. It reflects light and my undereye area looks brighter and plump especially in flash photography.

Other then under the eyes, I also apply this product on my cupid’s bow, between my brows and occasionally along the bridge of my nose for some subtle definition.

I would recommend this product to

I believe this product is suitable for most people, most skin tone because of its light and sheer quality. It’s a great agent for setting concealer. I have not found a substitute for this product yet – or maybe I didn’t look hard enough. This is a product I enjoy using and I think it will benefit those with less severe dark undereye circles who are looking for something to lift up the eye area.

Some say the Benefit Powderflage is magic in a pot.


As mentioned previously, Benefit Powderflage is not longer available in Singapore. You can purchase it from Benefit online at USD28 for 3.2g of product, made in USA.

Thank you for reading.

10 thoughts on “Benefit Powderflage

  1. I absolutely adore this product n have been using it religiously for almost 3 yrs plus already.. I totally agree with your thoughts on it… 😉

  2. This sounds really good. I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while but never quite got around to it. Do you think other highlighters (eg. Meteorites) would be able to substitute Powderflage and work as well under the eye area?

    • Hi Lyn,
      Is it available in KL?
      Generally, I avoid highlighters under the eyes because it reflects too much light, too harsh..
      I don’t have many Meteorites, Mythic and Beige Chic looks possible but am worried they may be a little too sparkly..
      Would have to try xx

  3. Probably not the same in terms of how it looks but for the same purpose I like using Everyday Mineral’s powder concealers in that peach shade they no longer sell. Was thinking about this but they don’t sell it in SG, bummer! Thanks for the review!

  4. It sounded really interesting at first but truthfully it doesn’t conceal much. It functions much like loose powder but tinted with yellow, or mint or peach. Kind of like powder corrector! I think the best usage for them is for setting stuff, much like Powderflage without actually giving too much coverage.

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