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Introducing Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Beauté Devine Makeup Collection For Spring 2012

Light caresses every inch of your face. Accentuating eyes and lips. Illuminating cheekbones. Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ makeup is reborn using three types of light that playfully dance across your features.

let it play among your features

a shell of a never-ending spiral that radiates light

Beautiful, ever-changing light dances across your face. Light so fascinating, you’re captivating at any angle. With just one application, Illuminated Beads manipulate light and infuse skin with a breathtaking radiance.

The Greek goddess Aphrodite was born of the sea,
she arose from the depths of the ocean on a radiant seashell.
Her divine beauty transcends all others.

She shines in the morning sunlight,
radiating the delicate diaphanous twists and
turns of the shell she was born from

Divine delicacies to delight the senses and excite passion.

Luminizing Face Enhancer – S$140 / S$95 refill (10g, made in Japan)

  • 11
  • 12


New this season – pure radiance in a lip rouge. Lavishly bathes lips in luxurious luster. With each use, the fuller and more stunning your lips become. Brilliant dessert-inspired shades and a sumptuous texture put a spotlight on your most beguiling feature.

a delicious-looking desert with a texture that captures the gaze
the irresistible smell and excellent taste bring deep satisfaction

Personifying all things pleasurable she is the goddess of love.
Born of the sea, yet inspiring earthy pleasures.
Divine delicacies to delight the sense and excite passion;
aphrodisiac, the food of love.

Enriched Lip Luminizer – S$80 refill / S$30 holder (2g, made in Japan)

  • 201 – Sweet Lychee
  • 202 – Fig Tart
  • 203 – Chocolate Truffle
  • 204 – Peach Blink
  • 205 – Rhubarb and Custard
  • 206 – Watermelon Sugar
  • 207 – Redcurrant Jam
  • 208 – Turkish Delight
  • 209 – Cherry Pie
  • 210 – Strawberry Lassi
  • 211 – Pomegranate Nectar
  • 212 – Blackberry Crush
  • 213 – Mulled Wine
  • 214 – Sweet Sharp Shock
  • 215 – Plum Pudding
  • 216 – Ginger Snap
  • 217 – Summer Pudding
  • 218 – Nutty Nougat
  • 219 – Walnut Whip
  • 220 – Honey Nut


More than eyeshadow, it’s the feeling of light, the translucence of colour and the texture of barely there. Soft shades combine with skincare benefits to achieve delicate depth and refinement. Beautiful new smoky-brown variations create layers of natural colour or more dramatic shadowing.

Eye Color Quad – S$76 refill / S$36 case (5g, made in Japan)

  • 208


Cherishing our ties with nature and society – the aspiration of the new Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ.

Our Commitment to the Earth

At Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ, our commitment to beauty includes the earth and its resources. In an effort to help reduce deforestation, our packaging is created from bagasse paper, a non-wood paper containing bagasse fibers which are a natural by-product from the milling of sugarcane.

Our Commitment to Fair Trade

Sandalwood from Australia is used as the fragrance for our skincare products. This is part of our “fair trade” action for the purposes of supporting native Aborigines and conservation of the natural environment in Australia. “Fair trade” is an organized social movement that aims to improve living standards and promote the independence of producers and workers in developing countries by continually purchasing their materials and goods, sandalwood in our case, at a fair price.


Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Beauté Devine Makeup Collection For Spring 2012 is available at all Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ outlets.

TANGS Beauty Hall at TANGS Orchard |  Takashimaya S.C.

Thank you for reading.

Information and images extracted from press kit provided by Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ and Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ website

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