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Introducing “kimono à la mode” By Mamechiyo For Shu Uemura

Art meets beauty in Shu Uemura’s 2012 artist collaboration series with celebrated Japanese contemporary kimono artist Mamechiyo.

A master of contemporary beauty, Japanese makeup artist and pioneer Mr. Shu Uemura brought a state-of-the-art approach to beauty. Following Mr. Shu Uemura’s guiding philosophy – “art is a way of life” – Shu Uemura and Mamechiyo come together to celebrate the beauty of a Japanese spring with a special collection of emblematic cleansing oils and UV under base mousses each with its own poem of sweet spring blooms.

Mamechiyo is a modern kimono artist who has taken the fashion and art world by storm with her kimono designs. Fusing the east and west, old and new, she creates a new world without borders. A new timeless beauty is born, beyond the imagination. Contemporary freedom is revered but design retains its legitimacy, rooted deep in Japanese tradition.

Just like Mr. Shu Uemura gave freedom to his creation, Mamechiyo fuses tradition with a modern sensitivity. She updates traditional Japanese elegance with a modern pop flavor, knowing no boundaries and always seeking inspiration from the Japanese esthetic. “kimono à la mode” fuses kimono as a fashion item into a Shu Uemura collection, bringing a new beauty just like the beautiful blooms that appear each spring.

Fleurs de printemps, take a step into a retro world.
Enjoy the poetry of seasonal blooms.
Dress yourself up in spring flowers and butterflies will come and rest on you.

Bring art, joy and freedom to your world of skincare and makeup, a world full of playfulness and sensitivity from contemporary Tokyo for spring 2012.

For this special-edition UV under base mousse and cleansing oil, Mamechiyo used four spring flowers cherished in Japan – Fuji, Sakura, Botan and Ume. Matching each bloom to a women’s beauty, a feeling of spring wraps itself around you with a sensitivity reminiscent of the poetic world of spring.

Mamechiyo invites you to journey between retro and contemporary worlds like butterflies. A new world where fun and colour bring happiness and the sensibility of spring blooms, full of hope and a playful beauty.

FUJI Willowy Wisteria

The moon will shine over the flowers in bloom just a little longer.

Basho Matsuo, Japanese Poet (1644-1694)

  • UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30 PA +++ [Beige] S$78, 65g
    Mamechiyo’s vision of the beauty of women reveals the flamboyant and supple mind of wisteria together with a pop yellow. This airy soft mousse in an ultra light tone intoxicates your skin with a thin veil of spring.
  • High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula [for all skin conditions] S$138, 450ml
    Welcome the coming season adorned with the floral beauty of wisteria. The delicate texture cleanses skin while keeping the natural balance of moisture. Petal soft skin is enveloped in a romantic sensuous aroma for a cleansing experience.

The night described is more than just a moonlit night; it is special and empowered with femininity, which is perfect for women like those depicted in the Yumeji Takehisa’s work.



SAKURA Cherry Blossoms

Butterfly in my hand – as if it were a spirit. Unearthly, unsubstantial.

Buson Yosa, Japanese Poet (1716-1783)

  • UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30 PA +++ [Pink] S$78, 65g
    Celebrate the cute attractiveness and undeniable elegant beauty of sakura metamorphosing with the pink stripes of Mamechiyo’s modern world. The soft mousse with soft pale pink petal tones covers the skin softly inviting in a dreamy and rosy complexion.
  • Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil [for pore concerns] S$138, 450ml
    Mamechiyo’s sweet dreamy vision reveals the beauty of sakura in full bloom as they sway in the wind. This limited-edition fresh cleansing oil gently melts on your skin and washes away pore concerns. The graceful sakura scent invites you into the fuzzy dream of spring with a simple cleansing experience. For smooth and refined skin.

Just like the butterfly in my hand – as if there were a spirit. Unearthly, unsubstantial, like gently catching a butterfly that had been perched on a flower. You are transported into a fuzzy dream world.



Standing, she is a peony. Sitting, a tree peony. Walking, a lily.


  • UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30 PA +++ [BB Beige] S$78, 65g
    Mamechiyo opens the door to a new world of elegance and playfulness with motifs and colour expressing the magnificence and strength of modern women. BB Beige for petal soft skin and inspired by the multi-layered rich petals of the peony with the fresh energy of young green leaves. This limited-edition BB Beige lightens a dull complexion for fresh and naturally light skin.
  • Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O Advanced Formula [for aging concerns] S$155, 450ml
    The captivating attraction of peonies with their elegant and noble beauty, mix of joy and happiness in colours that show a rich sensitivity and flexibility of mind. This limited-edition A/O advanced formula, cleans the skin with its mild texture and comforts with a texture that equally refreshes and moisturizes.

To have a strong core but to have rich sensitivity and flexibility of mind. The colour of green in kimono language is neutral. Not movement nor stillness, not feminine not masculine. Just like the young fresh leaves after the spring flowers blooms.



UME Plum Blossom

The fragrant plum blossom beckons winter to return, bringing chilly days.

Basho Matsuo, Japanese Poet (1644-1694)

  • UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30 PA ++ [Pink Purple] S$80, 65g
    A mixture of contemporary stylishess and the alluring beauty of the plum blossom, this limited-edition light pink purple brightening mousse achieves translucent rosy petal skin, alluring like the plum blossom buds, waiting in winter’s wings to bloom in spring.
  • Whitefficient Clear Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil [for whitening concerns] S$155, 450ml
    Achieve fascinating beauty with the determined mind of the plum blossom, this limited-edition brightening cleansing oil swiftly cleans skin and removes impurities and makeup. Skin appears less dull, smoother, brighter and more clarified.

Using the arrow pattern together with the cold colour of purple, a colourful character is brough out.


  • Foundation Compact Case [recommended for glowing-fit lasting foundation] S$25
    Expressing cuteness – a world rich and dazzling and overflowing with flowers, inviting you to enjoy your ultra femininity; enjoy just being a girl. Mamechiyo used flowers in different colours and from different seasons for a continuous bloom. She hopes this conveys the strength and positive energy of life. A limited-edition compact case cherishes your makeup time.


The “kimono à la mode” By Mamechiyo For Shu Uemura collection is available at all Shu Uemura counters island-wide.

Thank you for looking.

Information and images extracted from press kit provided by Shu Uemura

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