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Laneíge Love In Bloom Sculpting Blusher

Brighter, highlighter, shading, 3 in 1 for convenience.


This Sculpting Blusher is also part of Laneíge Love In Bloom Makeup Collection For Spring 2012. Housed in a beautifully decorated plastic compact, the three-tone sculpting blusher is embossed with motif that mimics the entire collection designed by celebrated illustrator, Sanna Annukka.

The compact is identical to the Styling Romantic Blusher (reviewed here) released last Christmas – featuring a double-decker casing including a brush.

Through a series of testing, I am able to appreciate this product a little more as compared to when I first started using it. My initial thoughts were – the shades seem too pale and light to work on their own.

In there, you will find;-

  • pale pink – to brighten and lighten complexion
  • glittery white – to highlight and add definition to features
  • matte tan – to sculpt and contour

 The pale pink shade contains micro-shimmer which catches light and the effect is very natural. The glittery white contains more shimmer which reflects light – mix a little pale pink if you want a more subtle glow. The matte tan shade has a neutral undertone which works well for fair to medium skin tones – the contour is very natural and warms up the skin instantly.

The Overview

The Love In Bloom Sculpting Blusher is no doubt a 3-in-1 product that helps enhance one’s features if used correctly. I feel that the shades might not work on people with deeper skin tones – the lighter shades might appear too chalky and the darker shade might not show. But on fairer skin tones, I believe this product will work well.

I had some issues using this product initially as I was unsure how to make the most of it. Eventually, this product does come in handy. Another issue I had while using this product is, I had to use a different brush to specifically pick up product – shade of my choice, which can be too troublesome. When I swirl and mix all the shades together, the colour doesn’t show on my skin tone.

However, I quite like the convenience of having all I might need for highlight and contour in one compact.

I would recommend this product to

If you are looking for a brightening powder, highlighter and contouring shade, this product might fit the bill and comes in handy.

I would suggest trying this product in person before buying because the shades can be rather difficult to work with – either too light or blends into the skin too well.

Thank you for reading.

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