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Laneíge Love In Bloom Lip Gloss

Lip gloss of jar type for glossy colours and moisturizing effect.


To me, these Lip Glosses are the star of Laneíge Love In Bloom Makeup Collection For Spring 2012. Contained in beautifully decorated glass pots, there are 5 incredibly luscious shades to choose from – from glamorous nude to a pop of trendy orange.

Each of the 5 shades come in their unique decorated glass pots, some sort of colour-coded with an accompanying portable lip brush. I think it’s extremely thoughtful and useful for Laneíge to include a lip brush. Together, these lip glosses make great gifts for family and friends – and for yourself too.

I was quite surprised with the texture and colour payoff of these lip glosses. Before I swatched them, I expected a more transparent application but I guess I was totally wrong. These lip glosses delivers the right amount of colour onto the lips yet they don’t look too made-up for the current season.

They don’t smell of anything in particular, the texture is smooth and creamy – slightly towards the thicker side but glides onto the lips swiftly. They have a satiny finish, making them look more natural on the lips – which can be good or bad depending on your personal preference. Just nice for me as if I needed an extra shine, I can always add another layer of gloss.

Out of the five shades, 4 have a cream finish and 1 contains micro-shimmers that glistens under the light. All 5 shades look distinctly different on the lips which is a major plus – some times, some lip glosses look almost similar when worn but these don’t.

The Overview

Extremely lovely – from the packaging to the product itself.

However, because of my dry lips, I apply some lip balm prior to apply these lip glosses. If you have nice and supple lips, you may find them work well. These lip glosses feel and look almost like a veil over my dry lips – which is good because they don’t look dry or cling onto the dry skin.

I would recommend this product to

Everyone who likes lip glosses and wants to add a pop of colour on the lips this spring. Great, affordable and presentable as little gifts for your girlfriends.

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Laneíge Love In Bloom Lip Gloss

    • Hi Kay,
      I think Laneíge is available in the US and Canada – according to their website but they didn’t state where..
      Let me check and get back to you =)

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