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Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadows In Silver Moon, Ballet, Mica & Sunlight

Good morning everyone, I have some sparkling eyeshadows for you today – hope you find this entry and swatches helpful.

Bobbi Brown released 4 new and limited edition shades of Sparkle Eyeshadows in their latest Brightening Nudes Collection For Spring 2012. Being a fan of their Sparkle Eyeshadows, I bought all four of them.

Each retails at S$45, contains 2.8g of product, made in Italy.

Unlike their regular square eyeshadow pans, these eyeshadows come in round pans – I am not sure why. Nonetheless, what’s inside – is gorgeous as always.

These eyeshadows pop out of their single casing and fits into any Bobbi Brown empty palettes.

 The shades are;-

  •  1 Silvermoon – a light silvery glitter
  • 3 Ballet – a light pink glitter
  • 4 Mica – a deep heather grey
  • 6 Sunlight – a warm golden glitter

A few individual close-up shoots for you above, all taken under natural sunlight, without flash.

As expected, the eyeshadows swatch beautifully. Till today, I still find them one of the best pressed glitter eyeshadows available in the market. They are filled with sparkles that glistens under light, adhere to skin almost like cream – which makes application such a breeze, doesn’t feel gritty nor heavy on the lids and they apply with very minimal or no fall-outs at all.

Swatches below taken under natural sunlight, without flash – on dry arm, without primer. I forgot to add their respective names to the swatches below, sorry about that.

From left to right: 1 Silvermoon, 3 Ballet, 4 Mica and 6 Sunlight.

Taking into consideration that these 4 new shades were designed and launched for spring, I appreciate their translucency and lightness. Meaning to say, none of these are as pigmented nor defined as the ones released last holiday.

If you have missed it, please check out my post on the Bobbi Brown Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette here – I have swatches of other sparkle eyeshadows in that post too.

I am also enjoying the fact that Bobbi Brown eyeshadows and blushers can be depotted so easily. Most of mine are all in palettes (I need to re-organise them soon) and I have also purchased an empty 4 pan palette for these ones. I forgot how much the other palettes cost but this one retails at S$30.

The Overview

According to the Bobbi Brown’s website, it states that these 4 new and limited edition shades are perfect for both day and night – I totally agree. The combination of shimmering pearls and fine glitter in this episode are definitely less complex and more wearable – good and bad.

Although the colours are sheer, I was still able to spot the difference between the shades.

I would recommend this product to

Everyone who wants to add some bling to the eye. Despite my love for them, I don’t think the shades are that unique – you don’t have to run out to buy them nor do you need all 4.

Some thoughts about the shades;-

  • 1 Silvermoon is the most versatile shade. I think it goes well with all skin tones and all eye looks, I will layer it over a set of smoky brown eyes or add this shade to the inner corners of my eyes.
  • 3 Ballet is the most natural shade. I would wear it on its own, all over my eye lids during the day, with some mascara and false eyelashes. Because this shade leans a little warm, it doesn’t look too dramatic or washed out.
  • 4 Mica is my favourite shade of the lot. It looks ultra chic and modern paired with either smoky blue or purple eyes.
  • 6 Sunlight is probably the most unique shade and it looks gorgeous layered over green or olive smoky eyes to bring out that pop of hue and richness.

If I can only pick one, it would be either Mica or Sunlight.

Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadows In Silver Moon, Ballet, Mica & Sunlight

  1. Fabulous review
    I first saw Bobbi brown sparkle syeshadow on the holiday palette but I don’t like the other shade in the palette so I didn’t purchase. Now finally I found this I will definitely buy one or two ^^ are there also no limited edition shade?

    • Thanks Peach =)
      These are limited edition shades, not sure if Bobbi Brown still stocks them..
      But good news, I believe they are bringing back a series of her most flattering Sparkle Eyeshadows for their upcoming collection – Brighten, Sparkle & Glow..
      In this collection, you will find Silver Moon and Mica =)

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