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Look In Love In Bloom

A day when nothing looked right and felt right – I had a bad hair day, no matter what I do, my hair didn’t want to be nice. And I had a little mascara smudged on my lower lash line – which I didn’t notice until I took my makeup off, sorry about that. Nonetheless, I have created a look featuring items from the Laneíge Love In Bloom collection.

I have previously reviewed the Eye Palette, Sculpting Blusher and Lip Glosses, please click on their respective links to find out more.

For face: I wanted a very natural and light foundation for this look and Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation is perfect. I applied Lancôme La Base Pro prior to foundation, used Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Concealer before setting my entire face with the Lancôme Teint Miracle Loose Powder. Altogether, I think I have achieved a very fresh looking base to work with.

For eyes: I applied a thin layer of Laura Mercier Satinée Créme Eye Colour in Pink Chiffon as a base for my eyeshadows. Went in with a fluffy brush, applied Milky Ivory all over my lid, as well as under my brow bones. I applied Rose Pink to my lids, stopped just below my crease and Glam Navy along my double-eyelid.

Blend and apply Glam Navy along the lower lash line, soften the edges with Rose Pink.

I applied MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder along my upper lash line and tight line with MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved – as well as 3/4 of my water line. I also applied a tiny amount of Sky Blue to the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up. Finish the eyes with some mascara and false eyelashes.

For cheeks & lips: I used pale pink to brighten up my complexion – apply on the cheek bones, nose bridge, chin and in between the brows. Applied glittery white to the high points of my cheek bones and matte tan to contour my cheek bones and jaw line – I also brought matte brow up to my temples.

So, because nothing looked right today, I couldn’t decide with lip colour will go along with this look. Do you think Pink Brown looks better or Tangerine?

Thank you for looking.

Products Used

Lancôme La Base Pro
Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation
Lancôme Teint Miracle Loose Powder
Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Concealer

Chanel Perfect Brows
Urban Decay UrbanBrow
Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit
Laura Mercier Satinée Créme Eye Colour in Pink Chiffon
Laneíge Love In Bloom Eye Palette
MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved
MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder
Chanel Inimitable Extréme Mascara
Ardell False Eyelashes in 120 Demi Black

Laneíge Love In Bloom Sculpting Blusher
Benefit Bella Bamba

Ettusais Lip Essence
Laneíge Love In Bloom Lip Gloss in 04 Pink Brown and 05 Tangerine

ESSIE Glamour Purse

12 thoughts on “Look In Love In Bloom

  1. I think Tangerine looks nicer on you. Pink Brown would probably look nicer with a very dark smoky look… Hmm, just my opinions. Heh. Anyway, you look right (Pretty!)! Haha. And your hair makes you look edgy! (:

  2. hi joey 😀 can i ask, what do you tell your hairstylist for him/her to achieve the style you want? issit called the bob hairstyle? thanks in advance, cos i’m thinking of cutting my hair short too, and i find your hair design nice and edgy, so would like to know what or how do you describe this style of yours. thanks 😀

    • Hihi,
      My hairstylist usually cuts whatever style he thinks suit me but of course, he asks my preferences first..
      Hmmm, I am not sure how to describe my current hairstyle – long fringe with an ultra sleek and short back?
      Many thanks to your kind comments =)

  3. Definitely, the Tangerine lipstick photo is lots better on you. The pink lipstick has too much white in it and washes out your whole face ( no offense intended).

  4. wish to know what kind of skin type is suitable to use the Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation as I have sensitive skin,thanks !!

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