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Introducing Dior Croisette Makeup Collection For Summer 2012


The Dior Cruise spirit shines and inspires the most flattering shades. Fond of the art of elegant living in the sun, Christian Dior created the Dior Resort and Spring collections as early as 1948. Chic swimsuits and shimmering outfits form the ideal wardrobe, which has a carefully relaxed feel.

Unique outdoor chic: a sunny Dior style that illuminates women more than ever before.

Today, Dior revives this fascination for the Croisette with a look inspired by the sun and turquoise waters, created by Tyen. The ambience is fresh and colourful. Between warm shades with incandescent radiance and aquatic blue colour blocks, eyeshadows flash on the skin and embody the contrast between sunbathing and a dip in the ocean.

Make way for a sexy, chic approach and a French touch. Embrace the glamour of gently tanned skin enhanced with dresses of sunray pleats, a trademark of the House. Show off a French Croisette style.

customised for a radiant healthy glow

With the aim of a natural and radiant tan, Dior creates a new healthy glow makeup product with a bare skin effect for all skin tones, all year long.

Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder is nestled in a precious round case in white bronze, engraved with the Dior canework motif and decorated with the embossed NUDE logo. This incredibly chic object is now a must in all tanning routines, accompanied by a mini kabuki brush.

The Nude Tan formulas contain translucent mineral prisms that adjust to the skin tone and the surrounding light. The skin tone is enhanced with a sheer, natural finish. Inside the Diorskin Nude range, with the Nude Tan powders, active mineralised water is enriched with a sweet orange extract to boost microcirculation with each application, the skin glows with vitality and looks more and more beautiful.

  • 001 Aurora
  • 003 Zenith

eyes set on the croisette

Just for summer, the 5 Couleurs palette is embellished with a sunray pleat relief, a couture reference to the Dior dresses whose finish exemplifies the know-how of the House. The palette comes in two colour interpretations of the French Riviera.

Each palette contains four pearly shades and one satin shade to contrast colours and textures and create depth.

  • 224 Swimming Pool
    Explores aquatic pastels with a splash of freshness to illuminate the eyes: ultramarine, sky blue, turquoise, pearl grey and bikini pink. The shimmering sparkle of the water is within hands reach.
  • 654 Aurora
    Visits the ochre of Mediterranean leans for smouldering eyes in incandescent colours. Golden brown, sunny orange, sand and golden-yellow bring intense warmth to the eyes.

wet-effect eyelids

The first eye gloss by Dior. Its wet shine and intense colours, with multi-faceted reflections, make eyes shimmer with a fresh finish. This stunning gel shadow instantly melts onto the eyelid, delivering a fresh effect. Its applicator leaves an even, glossy layer on the eyelid, in a single stroke.

The finish stays smooth and radiant all day long, regardless of the heat. This ultra-refreshing, extreme-hold formula is also water-resistant.

  • 020 Seashell
  • 240 Azur
  • 560 Tan
  • 750 Sunset

aquatic liner

The final touch for colour-splashed eyelids or a sexy wild card to use on bare skin, this flashy liner with its vibrant turquoise colour, gives in to every whim.

Its waterproof formula adapts to summer life, from sun-dappled decks to Saint Tropez nights.

  • 258 Turquoise

lips on the rocks

With their extreme scintillating shine, these glosses make your mouth water. The tangy shades enhance the radiance of the lips with a sheer effect to make the face glow.

Four shades which echo the sea and sun harmonies of the eyeshadows and eye glosses.

  • 224 Gold Sunrise
  • 432 Brown Panama
  • 464 Pink Croisette
  • 542 Orange Pareo

desire for a fresh kiss

A sensual, melt-away texture, modern shine and vibrant colours, combined with amazing lightness, make Dior Addict the perfect summer lipstick. Like a flowing dress that flutters around the figure, Dior Addict delivers a delicious sensation of nude lips, backed by comfort.

  • 354 Palace
  • 414 Casual Gold
  • 544 Jet-Set

voluptuous lip care

Inspired by the Backstage Dior technique where every makeup application begins with a nourishing and perfecting lip care ritual. Dior creates Dior Addict Lip Balm, an incredibly sensual and volumptuous texture.

Real bath of energizing care, its expert formula, containing 88% lip care ingredients is enriched with exceptional beneficial oils to deliver a sensation of comfort and maximum hydration to the lips. An Hydra-Guard complex combined with hyaluronic acid spheres, leaves lips more beautiful, smoother and plumper, steeped in sensuality, for even more radiant makeup.

To fulfil all desires, Dior Addict Lip Balm comes in two totally addictive crystalline shades, Crystal Pink and Crystal Coral with wet shine, and a neutral Crystal version to apply on its own or glide under lipstick or gloss. For an intense mask effect, apply generously the Crystal version at night. Dior Addict Lip Balm, the new must-have for the lips.

  • 001 Crystal
  • 002 Crystal Pink
  • 003 Crystal Coral

sea, sexy and sun nails

The Croisette spirit down to the fingertips. Two addictive shades adorn the nails of beautiful women on the French Riviera. Spotlight on the sea: an aquatic turquoise to wear at the poolside. Spotlight on sunlight: a fresh and glamorous coral.

  • 231 Bikini
  • 401 Saint Tropez


Dior Croisette Makeup Collection For Summer 2012 is set to launch island-wide on 1 May 2012.


Do you think you will pick up anything from this collection? The 5 Couleurs Palettes, 1 Couleur Eye-glosses and Diorskin Nude Tan seems pretty interesting to me. And the nail polishes, of course.

Thank you for looking.

Information and images extracted from press kit provided by Dior

6 thoughts on “Introducing Dior Croisette Makeup Collection For Summer 2012

  1. I just bought the swimming pool with the turqpoise eyeliner and the eye gloss in sunset. Think I will have to go back for the nail polishes can wait to here wat you are getting from this collection!

    • Hi Nawi,
      Lucky you, this collection isn’t launched in Singapore yet!!
      I can’t wait to check them out =)
      Did you try the eye glosses? How are you liking them?

  2. Hi joey, I like them very much use them to intensify the eye schadow palettes gives a beautiful sparkle especially when the sun is shining. Have you purchured any yet from the dior summer collection?

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