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Good Morning Everyone

This little space here – has been lack of attention lately and I do apologise for the absence. And so I thought, what’s better than a little update for all of you?

The wedding photo you see above, is not mine. I followed my friend for her pre-wedding photo shoot last month. It was such a pleasure and I must thank them for letting me tag along. It was a rather hot day with light showers along the way but hey, isn’t that horse handsome?

I took the above shot with my camera – many thanks to the photographer for being cool about it.

Life has been very stressful recently. A family member is ill and has been in and out of the hospital. It’s really sad seeing all the pain one has to go through – for themselves and also everyone around. Besides that, a friend met an accident and is hospitalized too. Seems like all the negative things are all filling in at once – it’s quite hard to cope and I have been thinking a lot too.

Let’s hope for sunshine after the rain and everything will soon be bright. There are plenty of things I would love to share but I didn’t have the energy to, so expect lots of backdated posts and I hope you don’t mind.

Let’s rewind to February – I know right? Please forgive me!!

Pei Xian of Miss Glitzy, Shirleen of Women Love Beauty and I were at Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Blogger’s Event held at The White Rabbit. This event was to celebrate launch of their new extension – the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.

The entire line up – in order of the application steps. I have been using the Purifying Foaming Cleanser and Skin Brightening Exfoliator for two weeks – shall start introducing rest of the range into my nightly routine soon. More about this range in time to come.

The brand Kiehl’s is not new to me, I have purchased some of their haircare products before but I have never tried their skincare nor have I attended any of their events. I love the quirkiness and sense of humor a lot – this uniqueness of Kiehl’s definitely made an impression.

As well as the gentlemen who graced the event and brought us lots of joy and laughter.

Would love to learn more about Kiehl’s and explore their products further. Have you tried any of their products before? Do you have any favourites to share?

Since we are on the topic of skincare, I would like to share my skin’s condition with you. I guess you can briefly recall me mentioning about breaking-out beginning of the year. My skin is much better now but still feels slightly congested during certain days. I blame my bad hormones and stress.

Both SK-II and Shiseido provide state-of-the-art skin analysis machines and skin consultation is complimentary for everyone. I did my SK-II skin check at Centrepoint and Shiseido’s at TANGS Orchard.

Both skin analysis machines are ever-so-slightly different. SK-II measures our skin in terms of Dimension – 1D is the weakest and 5D is the best. I scored 3D which is apparently, considered good and 5D is something everyone is working towards- the goal and ideal skin condition.

According to the stats, my Radiance Enhancement is the weakest, followed by the Firmness Power – so these are the areas I should work on. The skin check ends with a list of computer generated products which is recommended for my skin type – together, the products can help me achieve 5D results.


7 days later, I had my skin checked by Shiseido’s skin analysis machine. I scored a C which is also considered good. According to the BA, A is like baby’s skin which not many adults have. From this machine, you can clearly tell my Clarity, Resilience and Hydration missed the pink spot, so I have to work on those.

I strongly encourage everyone to go for a skin check, be it at SK-II, Shiseido or wherever. Best if the skincare brand you wish to explore provide skin check, so you know which products to try after the analysis. I thought it was really interesting to see the results as they paint a better overall picture of my skin type for me.

Now, I can focus to achieve better skin.

Many thanks to Charlene for introducing the new-to-town (since Jan) Korean skincare brand – Belif to me.

I bought a few facial masks – as always, I like to start exploring a skincare brand from their masks. Received some samples from their hydrating range which I have enjoyed during my recent trip to Malaysia.

You can find Belif at their first flagship store in Singapore – Wisma Atria #B1-64.

Visited the Night Safari after 16 years – I could hardly recall my last visit, this was as good as the first.

Have you watched The Hunger Games? Do you like it? I thought I won’t but in fact, Mak and I enjoyed it – let’s say, I will watch it again. I love the outrageous makeup people of the Capitol wore – so vibrant and creative.

Seems like my thirst for blood and gore continues with Spartacus: Vengeance where Liam McIntyre took over Andy Whitfield’s role as Spartacus. The role, Naevia has also been replaced by another actress.

A few new movies I would like to catch, what about you? I cannot wait for The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises with Anne Hathaway as catwoman and of course, Breaking Dawn Part 2 in November.

I shall end this post with the most recent event which took place just last week.

Origins believes that the well-being of our planet is vital to the well-bring of the people. Their products are manufactured using a combination of renewable resources and all of their printed materials are printed on recycled paper.

As April is the Earth Month, Origins will participate in the Plant-A-Tree Campaign – Origins Singapore will plant a tree through Global ReLeaf™ in honor of each customer who purchases Plantscription™ Anti-Aging Serum.

Bring your cosmetics empties to recycle at any Origins counter. Find out more on Origins Singapore facebook page here.

All Things Green & Beautiful was at the event showcasing their range of beautiful accessories and custom sewing brooches for all attendees. If you have unwanted handbags, don’t throw them, ATGAB wants them – check out where is their ongoing collection points are and when will be the next here.

Thank you for reading, hope you have enjoyed this little update from me.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning Everyone

  1. Hi Joey,
    Glad to see that you’re back. U look fabulous in the Kiehl’s event.
    Hope you have a good day.
    🙂 take care and I’m looking forward for your post.

  2. G’day Joey – so glad to hear of You again : ) This is absolutely one of Your best posts ever ! Especially like Your adding pictures about movies You’ve seen and are looking forward to coming to the big screen soon. Plus, Your cosmetic stories are always fascinating even though I’m personally not well acquainted with much of what You so well illustrate and describe. P.S. That horse is handsome ! And, I trust one day, Your “Prince” will come riding on one for You and Your lovely hand . . .

  3. Sorry to hear about everything and hope you are doing okay! I love these little updates with movie bites and all that. I’m really looking forward to Breaking Dawn 2 too!

  4. Joey, so sorry to hear about your loved one and friend. Hope that things will look up soon, and that you will stay strong through this.

    I saw The Hunger Games during a sneak preview in March. I really liked the makeup! I felt so inspired after seeing the makeup onscreen. I even liked The gold eyeliner that Lenny Kravitz was wearing!

    Will the beauty consultant be unhappy if I get my skin analysed, and don’t buy the products that they recommend? I usually feel uncomfortable approaching beauty counters. I feel like they are staring right into my pores, and that they are not very genuine. I onky wear sunblock and powder. When they asked me what foundation I am wearing, i felt that they didn’t believe me when I said that I didn’t wear foundation.

    • Hi Huiping,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments =)
      Yes, absolutely, the gold eyeliner really pop – amazing isn’t it, for something so simple!!
      BAs are suppose to help us, give consultation etc. – that’s their job isn’t it?
      If any BA didn’t serve you right, be sure you let the brand know..
      As consumers, we shouldn’t feel obliged to buy unless we really like it or it’s suitable for us – this especially applies to skincare products..
      I understand your thoughts because there are many BAs out there just trying to push products at us, whether we need them or not..
      Be firm, don’t decide on the spot, skincare products won’t run =)
      LE makeup is another story, LOL..
      Remember to ask for samples!!

  5. Absolutely love a blog that is filled with pictures but still not too narcissistic 🙂 Can i pop by any Shiseido counter and do that skin analysis? So curious to find out the condition of my skin.

    • Hi dear,
      Thank you so much =)
      Sure, please pop by Shiseido for a skin check, I am sure they will be more than happy to help you..
      But, from what I know, this machine is only available at TANGS but isn’t TANGS under going some renovation?
      Hmm.. I haven’t been to TANGS lately tho!!

  6. Hi Joey,

    From the SK II skin analysis, your skin looks pretty good! My radiance enhancement scored real low due to too much redness. They recommended the cellumination ex essence, hopefully it helps.

    I love The Hunger Games! Went off to buy the books after I watched the movie. Am also looking forward to Snow White and The Huntsman, mainly due to Chris Hemsworth.

    • Hi Ruby,
      From the SK-II analysis, my skin is slightly red too, the BA mentioned I have sensitive skin!!
      I love Charlize Theron and I can’t wait to see her as the evil queen..

  7. I like Spartacus too but someone the third season lacks the oomph of the first two. Andy Whitfield passed away that was why they had him replaced but I just find the new guy not as compelling to watch.

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