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Hakuhodo, Brushes Have Never Felt So Luscious

Yes, brushes have never felt so luscious.

I finally took the plunge and ordered 10 Hakuhodo makeup brushes. I ordered directly from their website. Hakuhodo offers international shipping at a flat rate of USD12 for USPS First Class Mail which takes approximately 10 business days without tracking nor insurance. An alternative would be paying USD39 for USPS Express Mail which takes only 5 business days including tracking.

Because my order was rather huge, it’s only reasonable to opt for USPS Express Mail – I felt more secure doing so, knowing I was able to track the parcel.

My order arrived just under 5 business days, in a carton box containing two light purple Hakuhodo paper boxes – much like pencil cases. Each of the 10 brushes were individually wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve. Nothing damaged, nothing left out – everything was in great order.

In this post, I will show you which 10 brushes I ordered and some thoughts of them – not exactly a review (yet) thus this post is filed under “shoppings”. Please note that all brushes shown in this post have been washed – I couldn’t withstand the excitement to try them the very next day.

I will do a subsequent brush favourites 101 post in due time – hopefully some, if not all of these lovely brushes will be featured.

To begin, I have the 5 Hakuhodo brushes from their G Series. According to the website – this series of brushes will be the wave of the future trend. The brushes of G Series have new possibility, including the brush blended blue squirrel with goat, the brush used for liquid foundation and eyebrow brush and lip brush which are large and easy to use.

From left to right with information extracted from the website;-

  • G5556 – 4mm Powder & Liquid Brush (round/angled)
    • Use: Powder, Liquid or Cream Foundation
    • Hair Type: Goat & Polyester
  • G5518 – Highlight Brush (round)
    • Use: Highlight
    • Hair Type: Kazan Squirrel
  • G5521 Highlight Brush (pointed)
    • Use: Highlight
    • Hair Type: Blue Squirrel & Goat
  • G5524 Eyeshadow Brush (pointed)
    • Use: Eyeshadow
    • Hair Type: Kazan Squirrel
  • G5507 Eyeshadow Brush (round/flat)
    • Use: Eyeshadow
    • Hair Type: Horse

These 5 G Series brushes come with a black wooden handle and silver nickel brass ferrule. There are a few which comes with a black chromium brass ferrule.

Absolutely in LOVE with the G5556 – 4mm Powder & Liquid Brush – it does its job extremely well and I am truly surprised. This brush comes in a shorter, 2mm version which provides more coverage. This one I have here, is perfect for applying my everyday foundation, be it liquid or powder.

It’s able to apply foundation onto the skin evenly, leaving a flawless and natural result without a need to blend over with sponge or finger tips. Foundation appears adhered to the skin without signs of streakiness.

The other 5 Hakuhudo brushes I picked are from their Kokutan Series. Kokutan refers to the ebony wood used for the handles and apparently, the more you touch a Kokutan handle, the nicer the luster it attains.

From left to right with information extracted from the website;-

  • Kokutan Finish Brush L
    • Use: Finishing, Powder or Highlight
    • Hair Type: Blue Squirrel & Synthetic Fiber
  • Kobutan Eyeshadow Brush T
    • Use: Eyeshadow
    • Hair Type: Blue Squirrel
  • Kokutan Lip Brush RS
    • Use: Lip
    • Hair Type: Weasel
  • Kokutan Eyeshadow Brush SL
    • Use: Eyeshadow
    • Hair Type: Weasel
  • Kokutan Saikoho Kinoko Brush (small)
    • Use: Highlight
    • Hair Type: Goat

These 5 Kokutan Series brushes come with a matte black chrome brass ferrule and its signature ebony wood handle which are exceptionally smooth to the touch.

The Kokutan Finish Brush L alone costs USD116 and there is absolutely nothing I dislike about this brush even of its high price point. Simply LOVE. I have been using it everyday, I had to put it aside for a while so I can rotate my brushes evenly. It’s the most opulent brush I have ever touched. Even my mighty Shu Uemura Natural Brush 27 has been put to rest.

Kokutan Saikoho Kinoko Brush (small) is adorable and functional at the same time. I use it for blush, highlight or contour but I wish the handle can be a little bigger/longer so I could hold it properly.

Overall, I am very pleased and impressed with the quality of all the brushes. I bought these brushes with no regrets, knowing they will serve me for years with proper care (they better!). I finally understood all the highly positive reviews coming from all around the world. I guess, one must really own them to appreciate their top-notch craftsmanship and fineness.


Hakuhodo makes hundreds of brushes, I spent a few days deciding which I want. Yes, a few days. I went through all my brushes to see what I might need and what I am missing.

Although I love the brushes I have purchased but not all of them are must-haves. If you are looking into purchasing, it’s good if you have a rough idea of what brushes you may want to pick up. Set a limit, say 5 brushes to begin with or give yourself a budget of USD250 to spend.

Or you may want to consider purchasing them in sets. Their brush sets range from USD136 for a set of 5 brushes from their Basic Series to USD684 for a set of 17 brushes. They also have a Kokutan Portable Mini Set retailing at USD327 which I am considering.

I highly recommend checking out their foundation and highlighting brushes.

Having said all the brilliant things about these Hakuhodo brushes, there is bound to have something bad to mention, right? The only thing I don’t like is – all these brushes are not numbered thus I won’t be able to tell which is which straightaway. And I guess it will be virtually impossible to differentiate the brushes when one owns 20-30 of them from Basic, K and G Series?

Thank you for reading.

22 thoughts on “Hakuhodo, Brushes Have Never Felt So Luscious

  1. You bought them! Oh my what a amazing haul and you got the Kokutan ones, I’m drooling all over. I wanted to get the G5556, now I know it is a must. Isn’t Hakuhodo like one one the best brushes? I’m totally incoherent and super excited by your post!

  2. I love my Hakuhodo brushes too. Once you’ve tried them, there is no going back any other brand except maybe Suquu.

  3. lisa – I rotate between the Hakuhodo foundation brush & the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. The Hakuhodo one wins hands down in terms of coverage and even application. It is also easier to wash and ‘eats up’ less foundation. The Shiseido one is good for applying foundation at corners of nose, mouth, eyes due to its small size. If I had known about the Hakuhodo one earlier, I would have bought 2 instead of the Shiseido one.

    Joey – U should have bought from the S100 series which I find is the most luxurious out of all the Hakuhodo ranges. Owning THAT is truly no turning back! 🙂

    • Hi Ruby,
      The ones I have from both brands are all different in terms of hair type and function.
      It’s a little difficult to compare but I am well-impressed with Hakuhodo =)

  4. Hi Joey, Now you have me interested in adding the G5556 brush to my collection. I have not been impressed with other lines foundation brushes (they leave streaks) so I apply foundation with my fingers. Can you explain to me how/why the G5556 would be better than finger application? Thanks!

    • Hi Mimi,
      Agree, some foundation brushes leave streak marks and require more blending..
      For G5556, I guess it’s the mixture of hair they used (Goat & Synthetic Fiber) – it works like a stippling brush but much shorter and wider..
      Because of that, I could control and maneuver seamlessly in either circular motions or upward strokes..
      The mixture of hair is dense and firmness of this brush allows streak-free application (tested on most foundations I have – range from Diorskin NUDE [watery] to Bobbi Brown Even Finish Compact Foundation [cream])
      For me, I prefer using brushes for foundation application – it’s a personal choice I think, if fingers work better for you, you don’t have to change to using a brush..
      Sometimes I use fingers too especially when I am testing a new foundation =)
      Hope I helped..
      Happy Sunday Mimi =)

  5. Hi, I’m going to get Hakuhodo brushes as well and came across your blog too 🙂 Do you have additional shipping/sales tax or the USPS Express Mail will cover all? My purchases are over 300USD!

    • Hi Inez,
      There were no extra tax for my order over USD600 =)
      Are you from Singapore?
      Hakuhodo will be participating in Beauty Asia 2013 in Feb, it would be nice to feel the brushes IRL!!
      But I have no idea about the prices, whether they are gonna be cheaper than online..

  6. Yes am from Singapore 🙂
    Oh my I didn’t know about this – that will be fabulous. Hopefully they have new brushes or those that ran out of stock. Getting 210 but sadly ran out of stock.
    Well can always get more there – no one can complain of too many brushes can we?

  7. Hi Joey. May I know if we are allowed to walk in for the Beauty Fair? On the website it states for professional n trades only:( I’m not a makeup artist. Just interested to get some Hakuhodo brushes:)

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