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Out & About In Hong Kong – Part 2

Fancy some 菠蘿包, bo lo bun aka pineapple bun? A bakery along Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui offers freshly baked bread, cakes and buns daily. Or maybe some 龜苓膏, guī líng gāo aka herbal jelly with pearl powder? Or simply some mango desserts from 许留山, Hui Lau Shan which you can find almost everywhere in Hong Kong.

On our last day, sis and I went to a tea house near our hotel. I really like the casual setting of most tea houses which allows ultimate comfort (for me) – eat and chat like no body’s business. This was brunch, sis had macaroni with spam and I have salt & pepper pork chop rice. Absolutely delicious.

Spent rest of the day shopping and shopping. For dinner, we shared a portion of chicken katsu curry from BO-LO’GNE Café & Bar – a Western and Japanese blend café.

Time to unbox all our shoes from STACCATO once we returned to the hotel. A total of 11 pairs between us – legend, until today, I still blame my sister for this but happy blame of course. STACCATO is available in Singapore, at either TANGS or Isetan I believe but Hong Kong still offers the latest styles and a wider variety – and size 39-40 for my sister.

Pictured above are my personal loots =) Happy and satisfied, I stocked up on some Shu Uemura false eyelashes, lots of H&M basics and boxes of Bioderma makeup remover. I also bought some Jill Stuart cosmetics which I have yet to feature on this blog.

While I was in Hong Kong, SK-II launched their colour cosmetics – I played around a bit but didn’t get anything. I wonder if Singapore will be bringing them in. Have you seen or tried them?

I also spotted false eyelashes by H&M, I didn’t get any either. A lucky find, found T. LeClerc at a local drugstore – used to purchase their loose powder until they moved out from Millenia Walk. L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows are available in 10 colours in Hong Kong.

For this trip to Hong Kong, we decided to stay at The Langham, Hong Kong. I am not sure if The Langham is under the same organisation as Langham Place – I would think so?

Anyway, The Langham Hotel is located at Tsim Sha Tsui whereas Langham Place is located at Mongkok. Both hotel bears their own, unique style and character. Langham Place is more modern and has a younger vibe. The Langham is like a big sister, structured with a touch of colonial – luxe marble sink and bath tub.

Both hotels are situated along the MTR route, extremely convenient. Near The Langham Hotel, there is Harbour City and Langham Place is directly above the shopping mall.

Thank you for reading.

14 thoughts on “Out & About In Hong Kong – Part 2

  1. Enjoyed reading your travel posts. Just wondering, are the Staccato shoes comfortable. I would like to try them as I love the designs….

  2. I love Tsim Sha Tsui! Your photos made me miss HK. I haven’t been there since 2008. It’s been way too long. I think I must schedule a trip soon. 😀

  3. Hi Joey,

    I chance upon your blog when I googled Staccato shoes. Yes I agree with you that Staccato in HK offer the latest designs.

    Nice reading some of your product reviews. I will check back for more updates.


  4. I still don’t get Bioderma. It doesnt work on me! Maybe it’s because I bought it from Colourmix and it’s fake.. but how do you manage to get all your makeup off? Whenever I wear mascara, it takes about half an hour to rub everything off!

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