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Giorgio Armani Luce d’Oro Makeup Collection For Spring 2012


Inspired by Giorgio Armani’s love of light and its effect on color, gold takes center stage. Soft pastels are instantly updated with a hint of antique gold, in a myriad of ways.

Giorgio Armani

I hardly follow collections by Giorgio Armani because they aren’t available in Singapore but I am glad I did this time. I invested in two timeless, limited edition pieces. Not exactly life-changing but they are extremely beautiful.

Both items come in elegant, black lacquered casing with a magnetic closure. Giorgio Armani’s text logo is being softly sand-blasted onto the black lacquered surface – I truly admire subtle details like this. In there, you will also find a mirror and a velvet pouch.

Let’s begin with The Eye Palette №2 – consists of four eyeshadow shades, perfect for everyday wear. According to the insert that comes together with this palette, the shades are;-

  1. Grey – I have no idea why this shade is call grey. It’s a semi-translucent yellow-olive with sparkles
  2. Metal Fiber – a cool toned silvery-blue with a metallic finish
  3. Copper Pigment – a warm orange-brown with a metallic finish
  4. Crystal Brown – a warm yellow-gold with a metallic finish

Except Grey, rest of the three colours are very well pigmented – I suppose it’s designed to be used as an overall lid colour or under the brows which explains its level of intensity. Texture of all colours are soft, smooth and finely-milled, felt almost creamy to touch.

Swatches above taken indoor with flash – sorry, I couldn’t get hold of proper lighting for this set of pictures. Swatched with fingers on dry arm without any primer.

Giorgio Armani Spring Collection 2012 Eye Palette is available on Nordstrom, retailing at approximately S$80 (excluding shipping and tax) for 2 x 0.3g 2x 0.7g of product, made in France. It is also available directly on Giorgio Armani, retailing at USD59.

I guess the silver really pop in this palette and that’s probably why I picked this combination instead of the other.

Next, I purchased The Sheer Blush which I believe is also call The Tourmaline Pink Blush. According to Giorgio Armani’s website, it’s a subtle blush softer than the classic formulas where white, beige and pink replace the classic white powders. Micronized to the extreme, this blush leaves a translucent glow that illuminates every complexion.

This item retails for USD55 on Giorgio Armani for 6g of product, made in France.

This blush came as a surprise – I didn’t expect it to be such a sheer, illuminating blush. And I guess some either hate it or love it. At first, I really didn’t know what to do with it – it’s too pink to be used as a finishing powder or face highlighter.

But, it looks absolutely amazing over a deep pink, berry, wine or rosy blush. It doesn’t matter which shade I choose, I dust a small amount of tourmaline over the highest point of my cheek bones and it just adds an extra dimension to my cheeks. Compliment these lovely cheeks with a subtle contour and you are ready to go..

This blush reminds me of the Givenchy Le Prisme Blush Bucolique from their Spring line up – sheer, translucent, illuminating and iridescent. If you are not a fan of sheer blush or ain’t into the idea of layering two blushers together, chances of you liking this blush is quite slim.

But for those who likes to have a subtle definition or glow to your skin, you may want to check out blushers along this line.

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Luce d’Oro Makeup Collection For Spring 2012

  1. I got the same two items from GA spring line. I love both as I look best in sheer, feminine makeup. I love the quality of GA products, haven’t been disappointed yet with any of my numerous purchases from this line. I love the lip gloss as it lasts a long time and doesn’t have any taste, nor does the lipstick. The foundations are great and so is the concealer. Just really pleased with everything.

    • Hi Mimi,
      Yes, I have not really been disappointed with their products yet..
      Except one, I find their Lasting Silk UV Foundation not too suitable for Singapore’s climate on my skin type..
      I have not tried many of their products before, wish to explore the brand more =)
      I should have picked up their lip gloss too, have seen so many positive reviews online!!

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