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In Love With My Birthday Nails

I love getting my nails all done up for special occasions. Occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or my birthday and yes, I celebrated my 28th birthday last Saturday. Last year, I had this set of Minx Nails on, this year, I wanted something a little different.

I went for something softer, more feminine and delicate with a mixture of peach, baby blue and light green – pastel shades, perfect for this season.

Kimberly of Nails By Kim helped me with this set of gorgeous nail art. You can find her on Facebook and her blog to make appointment for manicures, gelish manicures, acrylic extensions or nail art.

Kim started off by shaping my nails – we have decided to round off my nails for that extra feminine vibe. Followed by pushing and tidying up my cuticles. I tried gelish for the first time, Kim suggested a clear base with peach tips so when my nails grow out, it wouldn’t be so obvious.

Just before my nails enter the UV lamp, Kim used a sponge to soften the edges. She than used a layer of glitter gelish as transition colour.

Pictured above is the completed gelish base before the 3D embossed acrylic flowers were added on. Love what Kim had on her nails that day, so loud and vibrant yet very wearable and fun.

Each petal and leaf were individually sculpted onto my nails. Takes a lot of patient, practice and a set of steady hands. I don’t think I will ever be able to do such a great job. It took approximately 3 hours from start to finish with a little coffee break in between – faster than I thought.

I think I am in love with gelish. It’s like nail polish minus the drying time plus it remains glossy forever. And apparently, gelish doesn’t chip too. But for me, as I like to change nail colour every 2 days, it can be boring if I have a plain set of gelish on unless I have some form of nail art to keep me occupied – just like this set.

Till today, I still can’t stop admiring them.

We toyed with the idea of adding some crystals or pearls but we decided not to. It will look absolutely fantastic if it’s for wedding.

I had no problems washing the dishes or washing my hair with this set of nails – the flowers have a much stronger hold than they look. I have no problems typing on the keyboard either. Normal life resumed almost immediately – I ate crab on my birthday and nothing happened too.

Still looking fresh like they were on day 1 except my cuticles are getting a little dry.

Thank you for looking, have you tried gelish before?

18 thoughts on “In Love With My Birthday Nails

  1. Hi Joey,
    Happy birthday! May you have a fabulous year ahead 🙂
    I have not done any gelish before as I am afraid it would damage my nails.
    I am happy with ordinary nail polish as I love to change my nail polish every 2-3 days.

    What about you? Do u prefer gelish or just an ordinary nail polish?

    • Hi Meryl,
      Thank you so much!!
      This is my first gelish manicure, can’t tell if they are damaging as yet – probably until I remove them.
      I like the flexibility of nail polishes as I can clean them off and change a fresh colour right away.
      But I think using gelish for nail art is more value for money as they lasts longer, looks glossy as always and doesn’t chip.
      I have tried doing nail art with nail polishes, the colour and shine just didn’t last.
      I think I will pick gelish whenever I decide to do nail art.

  2. These look gorgeous! And happy birthday 😉 I’ve actually never tried gelish before, I change my nail polish too much and it would drive me crazy to have the same color on.

    • Hi Helen,
      Ahh.. I know what you mean, I can’t stop looking at Kim’s nails too and wondered if I should have a similar set instead!!
      LOL.. Too many choices to pick from!!

  3. My Gelish lasted about 14 days before they started to chip and peel. I loved how shiny and new they appeared, except for the fact that my nails became rather dry afterwards and I had to wait for the dry nails to grow out despite intensive moisturizing.

    • Hi Liz,
      Today is the 10th day of my gelish and it still looks brand new except my cuticles are a little dry..
      Same here, I love the shine, it’s incredible!!
      I can’t wait to take them off (not that I don’t like them) but I really want to see how “damaging” they are to my natural nails..
      Fingers crossed, they will not be as bad as having gel extensions!!

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