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MAQuillAGE True Rouge In RD 370 & RD 712

Have you tried any of the new MAQuillAGE True Rouges? If you are a lipstick fanatic like me, you must pop by a MAQuillAGE counter and check them out.

This Spring, MAQuillAGE launched a collection focusing mainly on the eyes and lips – click here to find out more. And in this collection, the star is nonetheless – their True Rouges, packed with benefits from skincare ingredients that brightens up our lip colour to moisture retaining oil.

Available in 12 flattering shades, from elegant to natural. Each retails at S$49 for 4g of product, made in Japan.

Today, I shall share some thoughts about these lipsticks and swatches of all 12 amazing shades for you – right at the end of this post.

Three pictures above were taken during my recent trip to Capella – not the best lighting but I love the contrasting textures of the stone with the polish lipstick casings. Pictures and swatches below were taken under natural sunlight without flash.

It’s quite difficult to choose colours from this range of lipsticks because all the shades are somewhat wearable. So I picked one from the Elegant series and the other from their Natural. Elegant range of lip colours feature brighter, more pronounced and more intense hues whereas Natural range of lip colours are more understated, subtle and wearable to all.

  • RD 370 is a rosy-pink with shimmer. It swatches with more rose but wears more pink on me. The shimmers are merely visible when worn.
  • RD 712 is a neutral nude-beige which I am absolutely in LOVE with at the moment. This shade doesn’t wash me out, the intensity of this colour is semi-sheer, letting my own lip colour peek through and I think that’s what makes this shade so wearable. I don’t even need very heavy eye makeup to pull off this nude lips.

You may have noticed that the lipsticks look rather matte in the tube but they have a very beautiful glossy sheen when worn. It feels like wearing a lipstick, with the glossiness of a lipgloss yet without the stickiness of some. Despite the texture and finish, these lipsticks lasted pretty well on me – say 4 hours.

They do not have any distinct smell nor taste which is a major plus for me as well.

The formula feels extremely feather light on the lips, I tried applying several layers yet it doesn’t cake nor feels heavy. Very moisturizing and I think the glossy finish helped my dry lips look supple. The colours also go on very evenly.

Lip swatches of RD 370 and RD 712 – which do you like better?

Overall, in LOVE with these lipsticks especially RD 712 because I think this colour suits my skin tone better. The texture is soft, creamy and glides onto the lips effortlessly. I also like the fact that they do not emphasize my dry lips and that it feels comfortable to wear – my lips feel very well moisturized throughout the day.

The MAQuillAGE True Rouges are amazing in my opinion.

Below, I have swatches of all the 12 shades. Taken with flash, under artificial lighting. Swatches are relatively true to life but may vary depending on the angle.

For plump, lustrous and feminine lips, the ultimate True Rouge makes you forget you are even wearing makeup.

Hope this post helped. Have you checked them out yet? If yes, which colour(s) did you pick? Let me know if you are planning to get one, I am curious to know.

Thank you for reading.

16 thoughts on “MAQuillAGE True Rouge In RD 370 & RD 712

  1. Hi Joey! I am loving RD712 so much, am already half way through finishing it. LOL.. If not for the price (more expensive than Chanel), I would have picked up a few more. Have you tried Suqqu lipstick?

    • Hi Lynn,
      So happy that you are liking RD 712, I am in love with it too =)
      Yes, I know right, more expensive than Chanel..
      Hmmm.. But to be honest, I actually like these ones a little more than Chanel’s Rouge Coco because of the lovely texture!!
      I bought 3 SUQQU lipsticks from Thailand but haven’t opened them yet..
      Do you like SUQQU lipsticks?

  2. What a beautiful collection, they all look really pretty and wearable. You would look good in all of them but of the two that you modeled, I prefer the stronger color, not that the lighter one was not flattering. It is and is good for the right occasion. Do you know where we can get these if we live in USA?

  3. For lipstick, I actually prefer Japanese brands. They are sheerer, glossier and more hydrating than European brands in my opinion. I have Suqqu #6 and EX-04. I have only tried EX-04, creamy and pigmented but can’t beat my number one lipstick MQ x Alex Wang, too bad the line is LE. Lol.. Look forward to your Suqqu post. 🙂

    • Hi Lynn,
      Ahh.. I haven’t tried many Japanese brands yet but so far, I am enjoying brands like MAQuillAGE, Lunasol and Shiseido =)
      I bought SUQQU 4, 11 and 12 which I haven’t tried yet..
      I can’t wait to try them but I am giving myself a little more time to finish testing what I have at the moment..
      SUQQU deserves luxury time I guess because of its price!!

  4. After much procrastination and debate (because I couldn’t decide which to get) I finally bought BE711 which is a beautiful peachy beige. The formula is sheer so I found I had to go for the more intense shades. Love the texture and definitely will be getting more – one or two at least! Thanks for the very helpful review and swatches 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for all the swatches!!! So hard to find good swatches of this collection. I’ve been using RS749 for over a year now, love it so much! Was trying to decide on other colors to get when I go to Taiwan next month. This was so helpful!

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