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A Weekend Retreat To Capella, Singapore

A while ago, my family and I spent a weekend at Capella, Singapore. It’s extremely delightful to return to one of my favourite hotels – I love the tranquil and serene setting. If you are looking for a weekend escape from the busy city, this place may be your calling.

Checking-in wasn’t as smooth as I remembered, perhaps it was a holiday weekend?

By the time we settled in and freshened up, it’s tea time. Each of our rooms came with a set of complimentary afternoon tea at The Knolls. We had a wide-spread of Peranakan and English afternoon tea specialties, together with some local delights and desserts.

Last year, Mak and I stayed at the 1 Bedroom Villa overlooking the ocean – we booked ourselves The Constellation Room this round.

The Constellation Room is, of course smaller than the 1 Bedroom Villa. This room features an outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the South China Sea. And because this room is situated on a higher level, we could get a proper view of the ocean and greenery ahead of us a lot better as compared to the villa.

The outdoor balcony is quite spacious too. I would recommend The Constellation Room for any couple who seeks a quite, private and peaceful retreat. Those with children may find this room a little too small.

The bathroom also features “his” and “hers” washing basin and mine had my Clarins skincare beside – I didn’t have time to pack smaller samples for this trip, I took all my full-sized bottles – very heavy indeed.

Beside the bath tub, there’s a pot of honey bubble bath – absolutely lovely and very, very bubbly.

For dinner on Saturday, we travelled to Vivo City for some Cantonese cuisine and we had some delicious seafood on Sunday night at Resorts World Sentosa.

My overall experiences of Capella, Singapore is still an “A”. Maybe an “A-” this time due to the delay in checking-in.

I really like the calmness this place gives me. Even just sitting and chilling by The Bob’s Bar feels so good. This place kept all my troubled thoughts at bay – somehow, my mind can rest. I guess I shall return once more next year, which room should I pick then?

We took a peek at the Capella Manor and oh my goodness, I wish I have a house like that – fully functional kitchen with huge refrigerator, lap pool!! And 3 bedrooms featuring outdoor rain shower and a walk-in wardrobe.

Highly recommend for those travelling in a large group especially with family.

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day ahead.

8 thoughts on “A Weekend Retreat To Capella, Singapore

  1. Hi Joey,
    I went there few months ago. This hotel was great and I love the service. They provide good amenities in the room.
    And oh I like The Knolls too. The food was good and I would say the food worth the price.

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous place! Everything looked beautiful and enticing! I usually don’t like modern architecture but this hotel (the gray building that is curved) is really spectacular. Singapore looks like a beautiful place. Wish I wasn’t so far away. I am glad you got a chance to feel peaceful there. It is so important, especially when one has troubles. I hope things will smooth out for you soon. You have Mak, your little niece, yourself and all the beautiful makeup and skincare that’s coming up in the future to keep you going.

    • Hi Mimi,
      Capella is a piece of art!!
      You must visit if you are here in the future!!
      The building is actually not gray, it’s brown – I used a filter for the photo..
      Reading your comments always inspires me =)
      Thank you so much for all your kind comments, I truly appreciate them xx

    • Hello Ashley,
      Oh gosh, I can’t remember at all!!
      If I am not wrong, there are only a handful of Constellation Rooms at Capella because they are situated at both corners of each level.
      Hope I helped =)

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