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BROWHAUS Browgraphy

A week before my birthday, I received an invitation to experience the Browgraphy treatment at the newly refreshed BROWHAUS Paragon. I thought, why not? If you have read about my brow routine, you would have remembered I usually shape my brows myself.

It’s going to be quite exciting to have a professional do it for me this time – plus I will be colouring and threading my brows, which I have not tried before.

BROWHAUS the Brow Expert’s all-in-one brow treatment Browgraphy is a powerful duo: Color Tweak and Brow Shaping, expect total transformation as the shape and color of your brows are reworked to perfection.

  • Color Tweak adjusts the color of your brows to your preference, using vegetable dye for 100% safety and maximum comfort. It only takes 10-15 minutes to alter your appearance. Lighter brows have a softening effect while darker brows sharpen features and add definition. Your brows will also be more in synchronized with newly dyed hair.
  • Brow Shaping is a necessity for perfectly tinted brows to be groomed and shaped to complement your facial features. Take your pick from Classic Threading, Modern Tweezing or Thread + Tweeze.
    • Classic Threading removes stray hair strands in a row resulting in a clean and natural-looking brow line, perfect for the boys.
    • Modern Tweezing offers great precision for a well-defined brow shape.
    • Thread + Tweeze combines threading and tweezing for a speedier treatment – and gives your brows the same defined look you can achieve from tweezing.

I have not been to BROWHAUS Paragon since their revamp – the last time I visited was with my sister, for Lash In Bloom Extension. This newly revamped space is inspired by the fun campsite memories (as you can probably already tell from the photos).

Featuring 7 cheerful coloured tents and a cosy log cabin if you wish to be tucked away in total privacy.

My therapist of the day is Faye. She started off by cleaning my brows and provided a little consultation as to whether I should darken or lighten my brows to match my hair colour. I have never tried lightening and lighter brows tend to give the illusion of a softer look. And so, I have decided to lighten my brows.

She gently applied a layer of dye onto my brow area and left it on for 3 minutes. I felt a very slight, almost non-existent tingling sensation – I guess this feeling depends on individual because I was trying to note this experience for the blog, I could feel it. If you are in a very relaxed state of mind, you might not feel anything at all.

When the 3 minutes is up, she removed the dye and started threading.

My first try in threading and I am liking it. It’s so clean and fast – less painful than tweezing for me. Threading picks up even the tiniest hair which made my brow area appear absolutely tidy and more define.

Before filling in my brows with a special brow pencil (pictured above – note: this brow pencil is not available for sale) which mimics the natural hair of my brows (very similar to Brow Resurrection which I am very curious about), she applied a soothing ampoule call Peace to my brow area.

Peace is a gentle yet effective serum which draws on the benefits of Larrea Divaricata, a leaf extract that is anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and inhibits growth of the hair follicles.

The entire Browgraphy treatment took approximately 30 mins from start to finish. Virtually painless, quick and straight forward. Now, I am enjoying lighter brows that matches my hair colour. I might go back for another session when I darken my hair in 2 month’s time.

The Overview

I am happy with the overall experience – BROWHAUS Paragon is beautifully renovated and I like the campsite theme. Don’t all brands under the Spa Esprit umbrella have the most innovative interior spaces?

However, if you prefer a little more privacy, request for a corner tent or the cosy log cabin when you book your next appointment. There are a few tents directly behind the counter which I feel is – too open and a little too busy. But of course, if I was there was a quick 15 mins treatment, it doesn’t quite matter.

The results of my Browgraphy treatment wasn’t drastic but it’s really all the little things that add up.

My brow area was quite red right after the treatment – perhaps I wasn’t used to threading but my skin gets red very quickly. I guess the Peace ampoule did help – the redness disappeared in an hour or so.

I would recommend this treatment to

Anyone who wants to give it a go and have some fun – be it colouring or threading. I feel that this treatment will be particularly helpful for those who do not shape your own brows or those who seeks professional advance or help – either your brows are too thin/light or thick/dark.

For thin/light brows, I believe there’s another service call Brow Resurrection which may be more suitable for you. Please consult a therapist if you are interested.

It could also be like an annual treat to self or those seeking for a change – believe it or not, brows alone can change a look – watch Michelle Phan’s latest video HERE to find out more. This treatment will surely benefit those who have had their hair coloured.


Never underestimate the transformational power of a pair of well-designed brows.

At BROWHAUS, we take our brows seriously – we believe that there’s always a way to make your arches the best they will ever be. Whether your brows have been likened to a lush bush or a sparse desert, we know how to design them so that they enhance your best features – you’ll be surprised at how different you could look with arches that effortlessly complement your features, skin tone and hair color.

And that’s not all. The BROWHAUS menu includes complementary beauty treatments for the lashes and face, so prepare to step out of our boutiques truly transformed.


Browgraphy is available at all BROWHAUS and is priced at S$38 (Threading), S$40 (Tweezing) and S$42 (Thread & Tweeze). Peace is available at all BROWHAUS outlets priced at S$10 per ampoule, S$70 for 10 ampoules.

Thank you for reading.

Selected images and information extracted from press kit provide by the company

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  1. Thamk u. I am too young to get my eyebrows done. But I know where I am going in around9 years lol. But which hurts more tweezing or thearding?

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