Winners For Joey’space 1000th Post Giveaway

On Wednesday night, I spent 4 hours sorting out all the giveaway entries – there were hundreds to them, thank you very much for participating. I am really touched to see the positive responds from all of you – those who have been with me since the beginning and those who have just discovered this space, welcome.

That night, I put all my empty Jo Malone boxes in good use and below are the 10 winners Mak drew for me. Picking a winner “the traditional way” is so much more interesting and fun than using a software like My heartbeat increases each time Mak passes me the piece of paper.

He had a few quirky ideas when it comes to picking the winners. For example, “the 7th piece of paper will be the winner” or he will put his little iPhone ducky on the floor and toss the paper – “which is the nearest to the ducky wins”. We surely had fun despite all the fuss of sorting the entries, writing names on paper etc.

FYI if you have followed me on Twitter, there will be two pieces of paper with your name – if you have blogged about it too, there will be three.


Winners from Indonesia, the UK, Philippines, Malaysia and of course, Singapore – I really hope each one of you will like what’s inside your prize box. I have personally shipped out the prizes – congratulations!! I have also emailed you a tracking code.

Speaking of the hundreds of entries I received, I read every single one of them. I feel like I know you all a lot better and that I should have asked these questions earlier – I had so much fun reading them.

Good luck for those who are having your exams. To the busy mummies out there, you all are fabulous – it’s really difficult to deal with kids some times. And to the special someone who survived cancer, be strong, positive and brave, you are not alone.

I have extracted 40 phrases from all the submitted entries, if I can, I would have included every one of them. But I find the following fun, easy and inspiring.

I love to travel but I always love coming home.

I couldn’t decide between wearing a dress or pants today so I wore both!

I am a medical researcher and I play the double bass.

There’s a new surprise everyday if we are willing to see and appreciate what we have and what’s around us.

I exercise to keep fit and so that I can eat without feeling guilty.

The catalyst to my budding makeup journey was being a bridesmaid at a wedding and being unable to do my own makeup.

I can eat pasta 365 days for three meals, I love pasta.

My dream job is to be an air stewardess so I can shop fashion and beauty products from all over the world.

I’m Korean but Singapore is my home now.

I have the biggest crush on James Dean.

I can buy 5 to 10 items at one go but may only end up loving 1 of them eventually.

I’m a biologist but afraid of disgusting bugs.

I love my single eyelids.

More conscious of beauty trends at age 35 than ever before, thanks to all the bloggers.

I can’t remember the last time I had my fingernails or toenails ‘au naturale’.

My favourite movie has got to be – confessions of a shopaholic.

I am ambidextrous, I can probably put on eyeliner on both eyes using both hands simultaneously.

I’m a preschool teacher with a lot of tattoos on me.

Made a liberating decision at age 32 – to be a happy single rather than an unhappy half.

Made a video of ‘What is in my make up pouch?’ but never have the guts to upload it, awkward looking at my own video.

I’m a petite 32 year-old woman, I’m just 154 cm.

I love to dip my McDonald’s fries into the chocolate sundae – I think it is the perfect combination.

Before I sleep, I make a mental note which eye look to wear to work for the next day, Pin up look, Blue, Green, Brown Smokey, etc. BUT it never happens!

Can a makeup lover be a programmer? Oh well, I am one but I don’t see many ladies like me around in my office.

A busy working mom with 2 active young boys, who believes beauty never takes a back seat at any time of our lives – we can only be beautiful in this lifetime, so why not make the best of it?

I can twist my tongue but I can’t swim.

I drink bottled beers using straw.

I buy a new lippie or nail polish almost every week.

I love Parisian chic – simple, fuss free yet defines a woman.

I’m an eclectic fashionista by heart, as I play around with different decades and themes, mixing here and there, and coming up with something that is truly my own.

Be it makeup or dressing, my rule of thumb is to always maintain a clean and simple aesthetic – classic is always the way to go.

My style is understated luxury – I like quality.

I love studs and spikes – but not enough to be called goth.

I strive for the perfect balance between comfort and fashion all the time but with a touch of eccentricity.

My favorite look centers around a bold lip; the rest is a flawless semi-matte face, natural blush and neutral eyes.

I love to wear dresses as I don’t have to think of matching tops and bottoms.

My style is all about bright colors and high heels.

I wear what I want, when I want – no rules.

My make-up is 60’s inspired – regardless of how my eyeshadow is, I wear a heavy, black, winged eyeliner daily.

I’m 60 and I love makeup and I don’t look old.

Thank you for supporting this little space of mine and sharing all the beautiful thoughts with me. I hope you have found a little piece of something above to brighten up your day.

Happy weekend.

16 thoughts on “Winners For Joey’space 1000th Post Giveaway

  1. Whooo… Though im nt the lucky 10 winners but im so delighted tat phrase is extracted!! 😀
    I luv e way u pick e winners, can feel the tedious process u went through yet do fun!!!

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