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Lunasol Spring Is Filled With Petals

sweet rose purification

Purifying makeup series for this Spring will dress the skin with unclouded pure colours and maximize the beauty of the skin itself. Brings out the pure charm of mature women with a crystal-clear translucency like succulent flower petals.


Pink petals that are close to translucent and give off a very delicate scent, as when approaching a flower.

This Spring, LUNASOL offers Purifying Makeup inspired by a Japanese rose named “Momoka”. It delivers a natural, healthy-looking complexion, a crystal-clear translucency like succulent flower petals. Dressing the skin with unclouded, pure colours maximizes the beauty of the skin itself.

Momoka is a rose with a clear pink colour inside and an adorable rose-pink on the other petals with a sweet scent. Created by Keisei Rose Nurseries.


You will discover a flower that is blooming ever so gently when you open the palette. This is a four-colour eyeshadow set that achieves crystal clear, pure colours like the petals of Sweet Rose. Petal Colour naturally blends with the eyelid while creating brightness, clarity and softness. Adds a hint of blush to make the skin look beautiful.

  • 01 Sweet Peach
  • 02 Clear Pink
  • 03 Soft Beige

GLOWING POWDER CHEEKS [limited edition] – S$60

A limited edition cheek colour that brings out the beauty of the skin itself with a powder that has a moist sensation and pure colouration. Delicate Pink Pearls provide a vibrant health-looking complexion, while gold pearls that blend with the skin achieve an elegant radiance.

  • EX 01 Pure Coral
  • EX 02 Pure Pink

CREAM CHEEKS [limited edition] – S$45

Limited edition colours from the popular cheek colour collection with a lustrous finish that is unique to cream-type products. Creates desirable translucency and a natural complexion, reminiscent of the images of Sweet Rose petals.

  • EX 05 Rose Pink
  • EX 06 Pink Coral
  • EX 07 Coral Orange


New colours from Purifying lipsticks with a melting texture. Adds pure charm to the lips, like Sweet Rose that bloom ever so gently.

  • 41 Pink Coral
  • 42 Light Pink
  • 43 Pink Red

NAIL FINISH [limited edition] – S$23.50

Limited edition colours of a spring-like nail colour featuring a thick lustrous coat reminiscent of gel nails and moist coloration with depth.

  • EX 38 Gel Coral
  • EX 39 Gel Pink
  • EX 40 Gel Red


Moist powder blends with the eyelid to become integrated with it. This is a single-colour eyeshadow that creates a natural radiance and crystal-clear translucency. Each of the five colours has a different texture, ranging from delicate pearls to large sparkles. Use it as you wish, such as applying as a highlight or layered over an eyeshadow.

  • 01 Shiny White
  • 02 Sheer Light Beige
  • 03 Shiny Pink
  • 04 Light Beige
  • 05 Shiny Cool Beige

As you would have probably noticed, Lunasol has taken me by storm – it’s one of those brands I am currently crazy about ever since my first purchase last year. So far, all their products have impressed me and here are all the items I purchased from their Spring Collection – I have highlighted the shades in pink above.

For swatches of the Lighting Eyes in 05 Shiny Cool Beige, please refer to this post.

I am hoping to showcase a few products from this collection, is there any particular items you would like me to review first? I think the Cream Cheeks, Full Glamour Lips G and Nail Finish are worth checking out.

Looking forward to their Summer Collection – which may launch end of the month.

Thank you for reading.

Information of individual products extracted from Lunasol leaflet

8 thoughts on “Lunasol Spring Is Filled With Petals

  1. Hi Joey,
    Have you tried the glowing powder cheeks in rose pink? What is the biggest difference between this and Dior rose blush that you had tried in Jan? I was in a dilemma to purchase either of it, however in the end, I purchased the Dior limited blush as you mentioned about the rose scent after application!

    • Hi Jen,
      They are very different in terms of colour, finish and texture..
      Lunasol is shimmery..
      If I have to choose one, it would be Dior Rosy Glow because of its silky texture, innovation and it’s a more unique shade!!
      How are you liking Dior Rosy Glow?

  2. I recently also bought my first Lunasol items – full glamour lips and a cream cheeks blush and I love them very much 🙂 Check the counter when BHG has a sale, I managed to get 20% direct discount last month, which just gave me an extra excuse to buy!

  3. my first lunasol.. were from you.. thank you for the added special.. my guessed gift to received from you is just the lippie alone.. but you have added extras!!! i was so blessed.. thanks joey!

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