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Introducing Lunasol Makeup Collection For Summer 2012

Summery lustrous eyes, healthy-looking cheeks, plump lips and colourful fingertips. Unclouded colours full of fresh charm will invigorate your Summer.


PETAL PURE EYES [limited edition] – S$77

A limited-edition, four-color eye shadow set that combines unclouded, pure colors inspired by Sweet Rose with clear luster that is perfect under the summer sunshine. A gaze with infinite translucency brings out the beauty of the skin itself.

  • EX 01 Fresh Pink
  • EX 02 Fresh Coral

GLOWING POWDER CHEEKS [limited edition] – S$60

A limited-edition cheek color set with two colors that adds fresh, healthy nuance to summery skin. Powder with moist texture meltingly and instantly blends with the skin. Delicate Pink Pearls provide a vibrant, healthy-looking complexion while gold pearls naturally blend with the skin and add radiance with elegance.

  • EX 03 Pure Coral Pink

W GLOSS LIPS [limited edition] – S$TBA

A limited item that has both liquid lips and lip gloss together in one stick. Liquid lips has both lipstick-like coloration and gloss-like luster, and lip gloss add a moist radiance to the lips. By layering liquid lips and lip gloss, summery, three-dimensional and alluring lips can be easily created. The gloss features subtle fragrance inspired by Sweet Rose Purification.

  • EX 01 Beige x Light Pink
  • EX 02 Coral x Clear Red

NAIL FINISH [4 marked with EX are limited edition shades] – S$23.50

Nail Colors have been renewed this season, and now feature LUNASOL’s signature elegant colors. A choice of six basic colors that make the your fingers look beautiful and elegant, and another four limited-edition, vivid, summery colors are now available. Enjoy a superb nuance that matches the mood for the day.

  • 01 Shining Pink
  • 02 Shell Pink
  • 03 Beige
  • 04 Rose Beige
  • 05 Red
  • 06 Shining Gold
  • EX 01 Sheer White
  • EX 02 Navy
  • EX 03 Fresh Pink
  • EX 04 Fresh Coral


A Base Coat that smoothes the surfaces of the nails and corrects the color of your bare nails. Brings out the beauty of the nail color to make it look more beautiful than ever.


A Top Coat that achieves a lustrous finish like gel nail. Dries quickly, accentuates the luster, and maintains a beautiful finish for days.

What are your picks from this collection?

I am thinking of Petal Pure Eyes in EX 02 Fresh Coral, W Gloss Lips in EX 02 Coral x Clear Red and a few of their nail polishes – EX 02 Navy is shouting out to me at the moment.

This collection is said to release by end of May, keep a look out whenever you walk pass a Lunasol counter if you are interested.

All information and images extracted from Lunasol website

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