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Introducing Skin Inc Pure Snow White+ Mask

Achieve an air-brushed finish with just a dollop of foundation? The bright promises of Skin Inc Pure Snow White+ Mask are no fiction but the alchemy of more than 16 potent ingredients from the world’s first skin cocktail bar.

The technology may be mind-boggling but the premise is simple. For snow white skin, the secret is to draw out skin-darkening melanin, prevent further pigmentation and reflect maximum light.

think of this as a whitening “force field”

When a thin layer of this mask is slathered over skin, a field of positive ions form over the skin that pulls negatively charged melanin ions from deep within the skin to its surface. This unique ion attraction technology neutralises negative ions, purges skin-darkening melanin and gives you instantly brighter and more translucent skin after just one application.

a beauty paradox

Your body actually produces unsightly pigmentation to protect your skin, not to harm it. While you are basking in the sun, your skin signals the body to trigger the action of an enzyme called tyrosinase, which helps it to produce melanin cells to shield your skin from UV rays.

Scutellaria Baicalensis, an extract from the root of a plant from the mint family, present in the Pure Snow White+ Mask can regulate the actions of this spot-forming enzyme while preventing general skin darkening and sunburns. In face, just 1% of this potent potion can control 100% of tyrosinase production. This pre-emptive approach to whitening prevents pigmentation from forming in the first place and saves you from expensive lasers in the foreseeable future.

Another important complexion brightener is licorice root extract which also inhibits tyrosinase and melanin production, giving you glowing skin that’s a few shades lighter after just one month of use.

banish pores instantly

Scutellaria Baicalensis is also a powerful astringent, known to shrink pore size after one application, revealing flawless baby soft skin.

a fundamental whitening truth

Which brings us to a simple law of physics: The more light that is reflected from skin, the brighter it appears. Pure Snow White+ Mask not only minimizes pores with Scutellaria Baicalensis, it moisturises and plumps skin with Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Natto Gum, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract and Hyaluronic Acid for a smooth, even surface so that light bounces off perfectly.

It also improves the light-reflecting quality of skin by absorbing and lightening melanin with a cocktail of ingredients such as Magnesium, Chorella Vulgaris extract and Aluminium Silicate, and reflects UV rays with Y-Titanium. The result: the beautiful, soft glow of healthy skin that no makeup can duplicate.

turn back the clock with these youth generators

Like all Skin Inc products, the Pure Snow White+ Mask also multi-tasks to address all your skin needs simultaneously. Its rich cocktail of super ingredients such as Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, an algae extract choc a bloc with carotenoids and amino acids prevent photo-ageing and provide the building blocks of proteins that form each collagen unit within the skin.

Other key youth generators include Panax Ginseng Root Extract which minimises fine lines and wrinkles, as well as minerals and herbal extracts to rev up blood circulation, collagen production and rejuvenation for a youthful glow.



For intensive SOS, use twice a week for 28 days to achieve noticeable brightening and the lightening of unsightly age spots, scare and sun spots.


Retailing at S$268, the new Skin Inc Pure Snow White+ Mask is available at all Skin Inc outlets located at the following destinations.

Marina Bay Link Mall | ION Orchard | Orchard Central | NEX Serangoon Central | Resorts World – Vie Beaute | Robinsons Marina Bay Sands | Changi Airport Terminal 2

Information and image extracted from press kit provided by Skin Inc

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