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Sample Testing: Enavose H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask

Sample Information

Enavose H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask 15ml, made in Switzerland

Product Description

The ultimate hydration haven for thirsty and dehydrated skins, the Enavose quenching mask uses Sweet Black Tea to release a profusion of moisture and vitality that deeply replenishes skin’s moisture.

It harnesses the power of skin to retain higher levels of water, leaving it feeling velvety soft, incredibly supple and invigorated. Feel the surge of immense moisture and be better equipped to defend against damaging environmental forces.

Active Ingredients: Sweet Black Tea, Arnica Montana Flower, Gentian Root, Yarrow, Lecithin.

My Thoughts

The Enavose H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask is one of the items I received from The April Bellabox.

It doesn’t smell of anything in particular, has a very pale green tinge to it and has a water-gel texture. Reminds me a little of Laneíge Water Sleeping Pack but less gel-like as compared to Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask.

Spreads over the face very easily with either a brush or fingertips. Upon application, there’s a cooling sensation which I absolutely adore. This sample contains enough product for 2-3 usage, I usually bring it down my neck and to my chest area – if you don’t, you may get more usage out of it.

Enavose suggests to use this mask once a week or whenever the skin requires a moisture boost. After 15 minutes, I remove the mask with a warm towel. My skin feels fresh and supple without any stickiness nor film.


Will I Purchase Enavose H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask in full size?

I love hydrating masks and yes, I will purchase this in full size when one of mine finishes. The Enavose H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask retails at S$59 for 50ml of product. Available at Suntec and TANGS Vivo City.

This is part of my Sample Testing Series where I try samples and answer the final question – learn more about the series here.

Thank you for reading.

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