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Lunasol Nail Finish In EX 40 Gel Red

A quick post featuring the new and limited Lunasol Nail Finish in EX 40 Gel Red from the Lunasol Makeup Collection For Spring 2012 – including swatches and thoughts.

This nail polish is one of the few items I picked up from this collection. I was enchanted by the fresh, juicy coral pink hue and its jelly like finish. I don’t own many nail polishes with jelly like finish and I am falling for this type of finishes.

Jelly like finishes has a soft, ever-so-slightly translucent feel which makes the colour sheer but opaque at the same time.

I would describe EX 40 Gel Red as a soft coral-pink. It’s fresh and vibrant yet understated. It’s quite a loud shade in a way but not-in-your-face. It looks absolutely stunning on the toes. And on my hands, I am very happy this pop of hue didn’t make my fingers look dark.

Some corals and/or peaches will make my fingers dark and horrid looking. I do not have anything similar in my stash that calls for a comparison at the moment. If there’s a shade you think may be close to EX 40 Gel Red, please let me know.

Each bottle of Lunasol Nail Finish retails at S$23.50 for 10ml of product, made in Japan.

Thank you for reading.

Swatches of Lunasol Nail Finish in EX 40 Gel Red  swatched with Nail Tek Foundation II Ridge-Filling Base Coat3 coats of nail polish, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

12 thoughts on “Lunasol Nail Finish In EX 40 Gel Red

  1. so glad that u like it. while I do not have Laura Mercier Cabana (which I want it so much), I can’t help but think Lunasol Gel Red looks like it. your nails look fab in it, by the way 🙂

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