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Come, Experience The DFS Galleria Beauty Concierge With Me


The newly refreshed DFS Galleria Singapore is offering complimentary beauty services designed to provide a highly personalised experience for customers to enjoy premium beauty treatments in privacy.

The Beauty Concierge, with plush furnishings and soothing music, allows deep relaxation and a completely indulgent experience for its patrons – meeting all aspects of the customer’s beauty needs in a private and luxurious environment. Highly trained Beauty Advisors personally assist clients with skin type analysis. Professional Makeup Artists offer expert advice on colour and technique, perform demonstrations and makeovers.

It’s the best in beauty, delivered by the best in the business, with an intimate and individual focus.

My afternoon started with a tour of the newly revamped beauty hall – many thanks to Karina for the arrangements and warm hospitality. I also did a Skin Analysis, Skin Treatment as well as a Makeup Touch-up.

In this post, I would like to take you on a visual tour.


After the tour, RachelBeauty Advisor took over and that’s where my Beauty Concierge journey began. Rachel came from a rich beauty background with 7 years of experience. To kick-start, I did a Skin Analysis performed with VISIA® Complexion Analysis. Expect some really exorbitant pictures below as I have captured the entire process this time.

My session of Skin Analysis took about 45 minutes – I had a lot of questions, Rachel was also really informative and explained in great details.

Unlike any skin analysis machines I have tried before, this machine scans my entire face. The bright lights help eliminate shadows, making skin analysis more accurate and may I say, the lights made my imperfections so clear – I could see my lines, pores and spots.

After my pictures have been taken, the machine generated the results (pictured above). The VISIA® Complexion Analysis analyses 7 components and they are;-

  • Spots (89%)
  • Wrinkles (63%)
  • Texture (75%)
  • Pores (94%)
  • UV Spots (97%)
  • Brown Spots (99%)
  • Porphyrins (91%)

This machine doesn’t provide an overall grading system. Percentile scores depict one’s ranking relative to others of the same age, gender and skin type. The higher percentage, the better. And 60% is an average score.

As you can see, I need to work on the wrinkles/fine lines around my eye area. Followed by the texture of my skin and spots.

One of the most fascinating feature this machine offers is – it can generate a picture of me 3 years later. The extreme right picture below is how I would look like 3 years later if I don’t take care of my main concerns. Wrinkled under eye area, uneven skin texture, discolorations and open pores.

Another picture on the extreme left shows how my skin can be if I stick to a strict skincare regime – smoother and brighter skin with less fine lines under my eyes.

During the last part of skin analysis, products were recommended for my main concerns. There is a selection of all the brands DFS Galleria houses – you can pick your favourite brand from the list.

I am very impressed with the skin consultation as Rachel spoke to me, asked me questions, tried to understand my lifestyle and my current skincare routine. I think it’s really important for a Beauty Advisor to do that before recommending any products.


Based on my main concerns, Rachel picked out a few hydrating eye creams for me and the one that I wanted to try most is – KIEHL’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. Rachel customised a mini Moisturizing Facial for me which is ideal for dehydrated skin that requires a boost of instant moisture.

Below is the selection of products.

The Skin Treatment took approximately 15 to 20 minutes and I nearly fell asleep. She removed my makeup, did a relaxing face and eye massage for me and prepped my skin with KIEHL’S products. I truly appreciate the Skin Treatment as I could try and feel the product on my skin rather than testing them on my hand.

I guess this is really call – trying before buying.


A quick makeover by Alan Huang – Makeup Artist. He is incredibly friendly and inspiring.

Alan asked what sort of makeup I would like to have and if I was going anywhere after – I requested for something fresh and light. And he did just that. He applied Giorgio Armani UV Master Primer as a base, followed by Giorgio Armani Face Fabric and set with Giorgio Armani Loose Powder. I love all the base products – have added them to my wish list.

Nothing on my cheeks, filled in my brows and applied some mascara on my top lashes.

On my lips, Alan used a Bobbi Brown Lip Balm which I am in love with too (bookmarked) and layered a small amount of lipstick, also from Giorgio Armani (I forgot to note the shade).

The set of pictures above shows (from left to right) – when I arrived at DFS Galleria | after mini facial | looking fresh with Giorgio Armani base products

The Beauty Concierge also provides other services, you are bound to find one that you would like to try. All services listed above are complimentary, simply make an appointment by calling the number stated above.

To conclude this entry, I would like to show you around the newly revamped DFS Galleria Singapore.

Looking light and airy, the Beauty Hall is extremely spacious with a centre stage for hosting monthly events. This month features Giorgio Armani. The spacial concept evolves around “stores within a store” which I think translated beautifully. Each brand still maintained their own identity while the counters still relates to one another.

At DFS Galleria Singapore, you will find the largest La Mer store featuring a large aquarium, comfortable sofa and coach seating.

Brands like KIEHL’S, Shu Uemura and Shiseido offers exclusive travel sets – bundled goodies at a better price. KIEHL’S also carries their popular toners in 125ml sizes which I have not seen anywhere else before.

Last but not least, two brands exclusive to DFS Galleria Singapore – full range of Helena Rubinstein and Giorgio Armani cosmetics, including skincare. Prices of products are the same as to all department stores but tourists can claim a 7% GST refund.


Overall, I had an amazing time.

What made this experience unique is of course, the Beauty Concierge where the Beauty Advisors and Makeup Artists are not tied to any particular brands. They are professional and knowledgable – they come from rich beauty backgrounds and went through 3 months of beauty training.

When a Beauty Advisor or a Makeup Artist is not with any particular brands, they are able to share what’s good from varies brands.

I believe each brand has their own signature/star product and with all the services mentioned above, I was able to explore just that – a mixture of great products under one roof and on my face.

I totally recommend everyone to have a go at the Skin Analysis. Another service that caught my attention is – Custom Engraving Service (starting in June). How cool is that? A gift with a personal note engraved onto the product? I can’t wait to try this.

Find out more about the newly revamped Beauty Hall here and check out the price list of Giorgio Armani Beauty products here.


Thank you for reading and I hope this post has been helpful.

DFS Galleria Singapore
25 Scotts Road
Singapore 228220

Opening Hours
10:00am – 10:00pm / 10:30pm (Fri & Sat)

6 thoughts on “Come, Experience The DFS Galleria Beauty Concierge With Me

  1. The new layout of DFS looks stunning! I can’t wait to set foot in there! And that’s really interesting… never knew that a machine could look into your future and predetermine what may set upon your skin. I’m not convinced though (sorry to say)… Critic in me says that it’s just an ‘extrapolation’ machine. Although, it does give in to the whole experience of the beauty concierge. What are the prices?

    • Hi Tracy,
      Thank you for commenting!!
      You could be right, this machine probably is but it’s always interesting to know/see the future =)
      Everything mentioned in this post is complimentary – FOC with no minimum spending required at all..
      You can make an appointment and enjoy the services!!

  2. Wow! I recently turned 19 but got caught up with school and had no chance to celebrate. Should really book an appointment and pamper myself.. Thanks for the post!

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